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Boncafe turns 26, and celebrates another milestone in coffee culture.

 Boncafe turns 26, and celebrates another milestone in coffee culture.In the west, coffee has been in fashion for some four hundred years, whilst in Thailand, though the country has its own coffee plantations, coffee is a relative newcomer to the beverage scene. It’s thanks to a handful of entrepreneurs, such as Boncafe, that you can now enjoy your cup of Joe just about anywhere in the nation, and of course, on Samui, too. Even a few years back, Samui seemed to be the last place on earth to go for a coffee. If you ordered one, you'd probably end up with a half-filled plastic cup of hot water and be given grim-looking sachets containing instant coffee, creamer and sugar. That was the way to go back then. Boncafe is largely responsible for changing that.

These days, on Samui as elsewhere in Thailand, you'll see that coffee culture has emerged with a vengeance. Everywhere there are sleek cafés, gleaming chrome machines and staff who know all about coffee. If you're reading this in a coffee shop then it’s quite likely that Boncafe provided the coffee machine on the counter, regularly service it, provide the beans to go inside and trained the barista. And on top of that they may even have given practical advice on the coffee shop itself – decor, layout, accessories and so on. Even if you never see the Boncafe logo, you've probably drunk some of their coffee as it’s so widespread here on Samui. They're acknowledged experts, and credit goes to them for promoting coffee culture everywhere. They're seasoned hands when it comes to this, and have been in business for just over a quarter of a century; November 22nd turns out to be Boncafe’s 26th birthday.

The firm was originally established in Singapore, in 1962, with the brand gradually becoming well-known across the region before setting up in Thailand, in 1991. Incorporated as a joint Thai and Swiss venture, Boncafe (Thailand) is today a highly convenient one-stop solution offering a full gamut of products and services, Boncafe turns 26, and celebrates another milestone in coffee culture. not just in the hospitality industry, but also for individuals.

Coffee beans are sourced and roasted at their facility in Thailand; Boncafe uses Arabica coffee bean from the north and Robusta from the south of the country. Once packaging is complete, the coffee is transported all over the nation. The coffee machines that Boncafe sells are high-standard and are imported from manufacturers in Switzerland, Italy, the United States and other countries. There's a variety of prices but all offer great value. There are also capsule coffee machines and accessories for all equipment.

But since not everyone drinks coffee, Boncafe are also into teas and other drinks too. For example, they're currently promoting a new product, Houjicha, a roasted green tea. It’s an innovative drink in that it doesn’t taste like the usual green tea, but a combination of chocolate, coffee and barley rice. This is due to the brewing process, which incidentally results in 1.5 times less caffeine, making it popular with older drinkers and children alike. Boncafe also offer a range of instant mixed drinks, with the ingredients mostly produced in Thailand to create convenient and tasty products such as Bonchoco instant chocolate beverage, and Bontea Mix, a variety of peach, lemon, and apple teas.

These are just a few examples of what Boncafe are up to. They are constantly striving to develop existing product lines and to make new ones, the idea being to ensure that the food service industry can reap the benefits of the latest and the most cost-effective products that are entering the market.

It pays to keep in touch with their latest developments by dropping in to their showroom. It’s in Bophut, just opposite The Wharf, and is open Monday till Saturday from 9:00 am until 6:00 pm, except public holidays. Every few months they'll have some new product on the market – or several. You'll be assured of a very friendly welcome by the entire team here. They're extremely dedicated and will be able to answer all your questions. It doesn’t matter if you're intent on setting up a coffee shop or just simply want to enjoy coffee at home.

If nothing could be simpler than getting delicious and dependable coffee – or indeed other drinks – on Samui, then it’s largely thanks to Boncafe!


Dimitri Waring


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