Samui Wining & Dining
It’s 2011!

The New Year has arrived, and with it come the obligatory resolutions.

1It’s only when you put up a new calendar that you realise how quickly the previous year has flown by. And it’s also the time when you make your resolutions for the new year. Stopping smoking is the favourite, followed closely by resolving to get your body in shape through more exercise and dieting. But there’s no way that you should start the latter whilst you’re here on Samui amongst some of the finest restaurants in the world. That can wait until you get home!

There’s every conceivable cuisine on offer here, from Brazilian and Indian through to French and Italian, not forgetting the fabulous range of Thai food. And you can enjoy all this fare in a wide variety of eateries, ranging from beachside cafés through to magnificent 5-star restaurants in luxurious surrounds.

Top chefs from around the world have been drawn here by the idyllic tropical lifestyle and between them they have an incredible 500 years’ experience – half a millennium! And there’s another factor that’s always mentioned when talking about wining and dining on Samui, and that’s value-for-money. Whether it’s the 50 baht you’ve paid for noodles at the side of the road or the 5,000 baht you’ve spent for a 10-course meal with paired wines in a top-notch restaurant offering spectacular views, you’ll certainly be getting what you pay for.

Sure, go ahead and pack up smoking on the 1st by all means, but only a fool would think about dieting whilst they’re here!


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