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Wine Oasis offers great food and wines along with total customer care.

12-1It’s a treat to have dinner at Wine Oasis; for a start there’s the feeling that even though you’re in the heart of Chaweng, you’ve suddenly arrived somewhere that’s a lot calmer. The name ‘oasis’ is very apt, and the garden setting has a lot to do with it. It’s never too hot here, and feels relaxed and indolent. Even after the busiest day in town, it’s somehow always very easy to unwind at Wine Oasis, despite its very urban surroundings.

You'll find Wine Oasis on the main beach road, just opposite Spago and right next to Chaweng Garden Beach Resort, where you can park if coming by car. And it is open daily from 3:30 pm until last food orders at 11:45 pm.

The secret to the restaurant’s charm is more than just its garden setting; everything about the restaurant has been carefully thought out. From the appearance of the restaurant right down to the details of exactly how the food is cooked and presented. Not in an obsessive way, but simply because the owners have a great passion for food and drink and everything that’s linked to it.

Surprisingly the owner turns out to be not a chef but an airline pilot. Khun Napasoon Chayuntaradilok, more usually known as Khun Laem, still flies routes out of Thailand each week, but his passion is food and wine. Being a pilot has enabled him to travel extensively and he knows more about European wines and foods than many professionals who actually live in Europe!

Wine Oasis is jointly-owned by his wife, Khun Piyamas, who is usually to be found on the premises. The couple also own their own wine company and are able to offer its wines to you at cost price. No middle person is involved, meaning they can pass on the saved costs directly to diners. The couple are assisted by their extremely capable restaurant manager, Khun Wirongrong Tooksri, or Khun Mae, who completes the team.

Wine Oasis offers a menu with a large range of dishes, all of which are pictured so you know exactly what you’re ordering. You’ll find Thai and Western favourites. For example in the appetizer section, you’ll find pork satay, spring rolls and Thai shrimp cakes, and for Western, pan-fried foie gras, Greek salad and buffalo wings in barbecue sauce with blue cheese dip. Along with a classic Caesar salad, Simply the Bestyou’ll find Thai favourites and amongst these the slightly less well-known pomelo salad, called Yam Som-O. A pomelo is close to a grapefruit in looks and taste, and seems an unlikely ingredient for a salad. But it works well and provides mouth-watering tastes that you may well never have experienced before. The salad also uses shrimps, fried shallots, shredded coconut, sweet chilli paste, lime and coconut milk. The texture is extremely delicate and the salad bursts with taste, even though it’s only very mildly spiced. It’s also extremely healthy. By the way, no MSG is used in any of Wine Oasis’ dishes and everything’s made from scratch.

A lot of research has gone into everything on the menu and you’ll find it’s all extremely tasty. It’s fine dining at prices you’ll find very affordable, especially given the generous portions of the food and its quality.

Wine Oasis is running a special promotion, called ‘Simply the Best’. It’s a choice of two dishes, either a rib-eye steak or grilled lamb. Both are served with potato, and perfectly-cooked vegetables. A glass of red wine comes free with each dish. Khun Laem has paired them with the unusually named Radio Boca, which turns out to be a delicious Tempranillo, which uses Spanish Valencia grapes. 12-3A percentage of the wine is aged in French oak barrels before it’s put back into the final blend. The results speak for themselves.

The steak by the way comes from Australia and is flown in specially. The cheapest way to do this is to freeze it before it’s flown, of course, but that doesn’t do much for the taste. So at Wine Oasis the meat is simply chilled and sealed before its flight – which means it’s fresh when it arrives on your plate. The same goes for the lamb. Both are very succulent and tender.

And naturally there are the sauces to go with the steaks. You can choose between mushroom, black pepper and red wine sauce. And if there’s anything else you need, feel free to ask - the staff pride themselves on making sure everyone has a good time here. As Khun Mae says, “We really focus on our guests and part of that is to help them when they have a request; we really don’t want them to go away feeling that things could have been a bit better. Nothing’s ever too much trouble.” She also wants her guests to tell her or the person serving them if they have any kind of food allergy. “It’s quite difficult for people coming from abroad to know about Thai food and what’s in it. Maybe there’s an ingredient they know they shouldn’t add to their food, and never would back at home. Here it might not be so obvious that it’s included in one or other Thai dishes. That’s why we ask them to tell us.”

At Wine Oasis, you should leave room for one of their amazing desserts. Highly recommended is the Chocolate Tortino. This is a lava cake, filled with the best quality dark chocolate that oozes from the sponge and is perfect with the accompanying slices of kiwi and orange – not to mention the generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream that completes the dish. It must be one of the island’s most decadent desserts.

And you'll also love the fact that dining here won’t set you back financially – thanks to the entire operation being a passion, the owners are more interested in everyone enjoying themselves, than in pure profit. You'll love what they provide for their guests, many of whom return again and again.


Dimitri Waring


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