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Answering their own tag line, The Coffee club is a master in the restaurant business

Answering their own tag line, The Coffee club is a master in the restaurant businessAs social beings the act of ‘meeting up’ to talk is inevitable. Most often we choose to talk over meals, possibly over a drink, or maybe coffee. The thought of simply going somewhere to talk does not usually happen, but instead another act is done while the talking commences - hence the food, drink or coffee. So where do you want to meet? A sandwich shop? Sushi? Fast food? Coffee shop? Bar? The list of answers to this question is endless. So as a business in the food industry, how do you make sure you are the answer to this question? With 30 million annual customers it seems The Coffee Club has it all figured out.

Having opened in Australia, in late 1989, The Coffee Club has now grown across nine countries. With more than 6,000 staff members, and over 40 million cups of coffee served every year, directors Emmanuel Drivas, Emmanuel Kokoris and John Lazarou had no idea that twenty-five years after that opening day they would own one of the most successful coffee houses in the world.

Created to provide more than just a place to have coffee, The Coffee Club strives to not only meet high standards, but to set them in all facets of the hospitality business. It is a place that is casual yet sophisticated, a place that is stylish yet affordable, a place where contemporary lifestyles can foster creativity while filling an appetite.

The Coffee Club offers many different types of dining experiences from café to bar to restaurant. At the counter choose your favourite pastry and match it with a breakfast coffee. Decide instead to go for lunch, the busiest time of the day for The Coffee Club (and for good reason!), and choose from the extensive full table service menu. Answering their own tag line, The Coffee club is a master in the restaurant businessOr go for dinner and drinks with The Coffee Club’s Chef’s Choice options and long list of spirits, wines and beers.

For myself I chose the dinner option. As I decided what I wanted to eat only one goal came to mind: try everything on the Chef’s Choice menu. And with an empty stomach and high expectations I dove in, mouth first.

I began with a drink, the Passion Fruit Iced Tea. Presented in a jar with a flower and a straw, the tea mixed with sweetened passion fruit was a refreshing burst on the first sip. The simple mix wasn’t overwhelming, but instead balanced to perfection. Tasting better sip after sip the drink was gone before I knew it.

For a starter I was presented the Chicken Quesadilla. Spicy BBQ sauce, chilli, capsicum, and mozzarella cheese sandwiched in a crispy tortilla. After a few bites the spiciness set in, but the wonderful sauce on top calmed my tongue. With ingredients laid throughout the quesadilla, the starter was thin yet filling, every bite an explosion of flavours.

Next I had the Prawn and Lobster Bisque Pasta. The spaghetti with prawns, chilli and lobster shellfish bisque sauce was cooked just right. Over half way through I had to force myself to stop knowing I had more to come, which proved to be a difficult task!

The next dish was Poached Eggs with Smoked Salmon and Corn fritters. The smoked salmon and corn fritters, roasted tomato, poached eggs and rocket created a great combination of flavours. The yolk drizzled over the other ingredients combining the tastes for a refined and healthy dish.

Answering their own tag line, The Coffee club is a master in the restaurant businessIn the background soft music played, creating a sophisticated space - something relatively hard to find in the heart of Chaweng. With The Coffee Club’s professional and attentive staff matched with the overall ambiance it isn’t surprising many people choose to dine here. Located in Central Festival, The Coffee Club is the calm in the midst of a storm.

For my last endeavour I had the Pulled Pork Kim Chi Burger. Although I did not have much room left, I ate over half of it. The burger, Asian slaw and a fried egg drizzled with a great sauce matched with thick French fries on the side was too hard to pass up.

From their exquisite food to masterful ambiance to great service, The Coffee Club is a great stop at any time of the day. With its expansive consumer base, The Coffee Club has met their initial goal of being the answer to their tag line: “Where will I meet you?” With the philosophy of providing good food, great service and excellent coffee it is no wonder people choose to meet at The Coffee Club.


Alison Stephens


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