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When it comes to coffee, Boncafe have the most amazing machines to go with the beans.

 When it comes to coffee, Boncafe have the most amazing machines to go with the beans.For over six years now Boncafe has been supplying great coffee and tea to cafés on the island. And if you live here chances are that you’ve discovered the wonderful coffee blends that they have on offer. If you fancy enjoying a cup of coffee you can visit their store on the ring-road, about 500 metres from the traffic lights in Bophut, on the left-hand side after the petrol station when travelling from Chaweng to Maenam.

Most coffee stores offer just coffee but Boncafe takes things a step further – they stock the machines to make the coffee. So if you’re looking for a coffee machine then this is the place to visit. Their technicians are very knowledgeable about all the machines, and attend training courses every six months to keep up to date. They’ll visit you at your own convenience if you are opening a new café and have purchased one of the professional machines from them, in order to train you how to operate it. So if you’re thinking of going into the food and beverage business and want to stand out from the crowd while offering great coffee, you’re probably wondering which machine you should opt for.

For coffee lovers and those knowledgeable about the coffee shop industry there can be only one name when it comes to the crème de la crème of espresso machines. That name is La Marzocco.

An Italian family-owned business, it makes some of the most reliable machines out there. The only supplier of these machines in Thailand is Boncafe. When you hear people talking about the machine, there’s great affection for the brand and the quality it affords as well as the reliability.

The company was established in Florence, Italy, by two brothers, Giuseppe and Bruno Bambi in 1927, and is still under the guardianship of Giuseppe’s son today. After listening to their customers and taking their advice they changed the design of the espresso machine and changed the whole face of the espresso coffee industry. It was a simple concept. In 1939, they changed the vertical boiler to a horizontal one which not only made it easier to use, but also meant that several cups of coffee could be filled at the same time. No more waiting in line for patrons.

So why choose a La Marzocco machine above another? If a coffee shop is your new venture you’ll be investing quite a bit of money in the décor, the furniture and the frontage of the shop, but it’s the coffee machine you choose that will essentially be the backbone of your business. All cafés should in some way be an extension of the owners, a place where they themselves feel relaxed and thereby their customers will want to visit to spend some time unwinding. So it follows that the machine they choose to work with should be reliable, and one that they feel comfortable with. Café owners will tell you that that they choose La Marzocco because of this; generally a machine will last a lot longer than others on the market,  When it comes to coffee, Boncafe have the most amazing machines to go with the beans.usually from eight to ten years. Manufacturers will tell you that this is a technological cycle so you’re probably going to be looking at updating your model after that anyway. But reliability is for many the biggest advantage of this machine. Every machine is still handmade and the inspection process extremely thorough, with every single component being hand checked.

La Marzocco uses a dual system which gives it a huge advantage over most other machines which rely on just the one boiler to make the coffee and to provide hot water and steam for cappuccinos and lattes. With the dual boiler the water is preheated and ready. For great tasting coffee, baristas will tell you the ideal temperature is 94°C, which brings out the bitter roasted flavour of the beans. If you have a lower temperature then you’ll have a more acidic-tasting coffee. It takes about 20 minutes for the dual boiler system to reach the required 94°C but once at that point there’s greater stability in the temperature, which you need if you’re going to be pulling a lot of shots. The last thing you want you want is to be waiting for the water to heat up again. Each machine has two steam wands for cappuccinos and lattes and one hot water spout for tea.

Their newest model is the La Marzocco GB/5 AV, and not only is the quality extremely high but it’s also a very stylish piece of machinery. The design is very artistic and modern with sleek lines. It’s made entirely of stainless steel affording it greater stability and durability. Boncafe currently has two models in their showroom; both are fully handmade, programmable, and easy to use. Technicians at Boncafe will provide training in using the machines at the convenience of the customer, and are of course available for any slight repairs or questions customers may have. So if you want to stand out from the crowd then this is the machine to opt for.

But let’s say you’re looking for a great little machine for your home. Then you can’t go far wrong with the Saeco Lirika which comes at a very attractive price. It’s extremely easy to use and has a programmable menu. Its separate steam and hot water wand provide creamy cappuccinos and lattes. Short or long shots can be dispensed. And with its stylish state-of-the-art display it makes an attractive addition to any home.

In the coffee shop industry competition is fierce these days but if you want to be exceptionally good and have a reliable machine then you should invest in La Marzocco. While the price tag is slightly higher than other coffee machines, in the long run the investment will pay off. Look for the symbol of the lion – the emblem of the city of Florence where the producers of the machine hail from.

A visit to Boncafe’s showroom will enable you to see this full range of not just coffee beans, but also the elegant machines that will produce a perfect cup time and time again.


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