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Krua Bophut serves up wonderfully-flavoured dishes, in an old-style teak house right on the beach.

 Classy wines abound at Chaweng’s quintessential Wine Oasis.At the entrance, there’s no hard sell, and once inside, you're treated exceptionally well by the welcoming staff. In the sala, you’ll see plenty of antiques that show how life used to be in the last century. Krua Bophut is tastefully decorated throughout, not surprisingly as it’s run by Bo Phut Spa and Resort, a major resort, just a few hundred metres further along the coast in the direction of Maenam.

At Krua Bophut you can dine in the opulent sala – it’s always a treat in itself to sit in such an aesthetic dining room – but you'll be highly tempted by the outside areas. You can choose the terrace outside the restaurant, which is as beautifully kept up as the interior, or you can dine right on the beach itself. Sunset cocktails seem all the better when you’re looking out across the sea to neighbouring Koh Pha-Ngan, watching the slow appearance of the stars. By the way, wherever you sit, there’s no loud music at all, just some gentle background melodies that add to the sense of being in a relaxing place. Lighting is similarly kept low with candles on the tables, adding to the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant. 

Wait staff are very welcoming and wear traditional Thai dress. If Krua Bophut seems to be anchored in sophisticated traditions, this also goes for the food, too. The chef has assembled many of the typical Thai treats that have made Thai food so appealing the world over. You'll find all manner of delicacies on the menu, and if you speak to the restaurant’s Food & Beverage Manager, Khun Jirawan, she’ll tell you that it comprises some 100 dishes. That’s extensive by any restaurant’s standards, and if you’re a newcomer to Thai food, the staff will be happy to help you make an informed choice. In addition, dishes are marked according to their degree of spiciness.

Since Krua Bophut is located right on the beach, the restaurant naturally has many seafood dishes, with local fish bought daily from the market. There’s plenty of choice for meat-lovers, however, with the excellent menu providing a whole range of dishes. P20-21-2Local herbs are also used, wherever appropriate, with the chef choosing ingredients such as coriander, kaffir lime leaves, basil and lemon grass. The many herbs give the food a highly exquisite taste. Start with some of the delicious appetizers, for example, baked New Zealand mussels with Thai herbs cooked in a clay pot, or deep fried soft crab with garlic and pepper. If you like your food a little more spicy, try the beef salad, a typical Thai-style treat.

For mains, you're again spoiled for choice. Feast on sweet and sour chicken, or enjoy stir-fried duck with mushroom and pineapple. Or how about the stir-fried beef with black pepper? Also highly popular is the fried soft shell crab, which has been slightly curried to give it spiciness. The chef has various ways of presenting white snapper, a staple of Thailand, with one of the most satisfying being the simplest: the dish is steamed with soy sauce and herbs.

But don’t worry if you're unsure what to have and are new to Thai food. There are two special set menus that contain a range of favourite Thai dishes for you to enjoy, such as papaya salad, tom yum, white snapper and duck curry. Krua Bophut stocks a nice collection of wines with something to suit every budget, and you can enjoy reds and whites that have been carefully chosen to go with the food. There’s a choice of both Old World and New World wines. Prices for both food and wine are amazingly reasonable, adding to customer satisfaction.

The restaurant is very child-friendly and if you come as a family, your little ones will be made equally welcome too. They’ll appreciate the outdoor setting just as much as you will, though perhaps for different reasons – the beach here is sandy and good for games and running about, though you'll still of course need to keep an eye on them. You can also come for lunch, as Krua Bophut’s open from 1:00 pm – a great place to take a break from the beach or your shopping.

No dinner here is complete without dessert, and Krua Bophut has a selection that’s guaranteed to please. From traditional Thai desserts through to more international ones such as fried banana with ice-cream and honey, you'll be able to choose something that really engages your taste buds.

Krua Bophut gets many repeat customers and it’s one of those places that leave you with wonderful memories. Whether you come across it by chance, or have it recommended by your hotel manager or another holidaymaker, a dinner here is a totally satisfying way to spend an evening.


Dimitri Waring


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