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The Club in the Middle

Cool grooves, solid tunes, ultra-laid-back, neat but not slick – at Chaweng’s KC Beach Club.

Cool grooves, solid tunes, ultra-laid-back, neat but not slick – at Chaweng’s KC Beach Club.It’s been quite a few years now since the original beach club idea emerged. But what a simple concept. Totally natural. For generations kids had already spent their days surfing and cruising, and their nights on the beach with music. So what was more obvious than to crank this up a notch, cater for young adults instead, and build a proper club that was actually right on the beach. The sun shines hot, the night is cool and everything’s in the open and out under the stars.

And so it’s hardly surprising that, anywhere where it’s warm and sunny and by the sea, all over the world, this same idea has sprouted up. It’s a solid scene, tried and tested, and everybody loves it. All you need is a nice big space, a couple of tons of big deep daybeds, a décor that’s bright and primary, hip young staff, a good DJ, and an events calendar to keep everyone happy and coming back.

No, it’s not in the middle of acres of coastline, it’s right in the middle of the town, close to where the one way system splits and becomes two-way. But it works like a charm, and for several reasons. The main one is that the whole

place is totally laid back. You’ll see all sorts of people here, of all ages, and from all countries. The staffers themselves are young, yes, and are quite a mix of nationalities. And they’re all just so happy! Talk to anyone and they’ll say the same – this is the most easy-going and friendly place for miles around, for old and young alike

And then KC scores on several more fronts. At the core of the beach club is a very modern and luxuriously appointed resort. You’ll find a total of 42 villas and rooms here, in the three-floor U-shaped block that’s up towards the main-road end of the plot. The rooms are super and all come with mini bar, Jacuzzi, and a big flat-screen TV. The larger suites are more like an apartment than a hotel room, and are particularly popular with families and children – teenagers just love it here. The block has its own pool, and the ground-floor units open out directly onto this.

And then there’s the catchment – the area that visitors are drawn from, and the nature of these visitors. In some ways, this works the same as any beach club anywhere: residents travel to go there, plus visitors turn up as well. But Samui is a tourist island. And the ‘visitors’ at KC arrive in a never-ending circle, with a new set of devotees, all here for two weeks or so, constantly re-cycling around, at least during the high seasons, anyway.

And the third way that KC remains successful is that they run another resort on the island, ‘KC Resort and Overwater Villas’ in nearby north Chaweng. And there’s a mutual interchange between the two resorts, with guests from either being entitled to share the facilities of the other, with free transportation back and forth between the two. The facilities at Overwater Villas are really good, including Samui’s first Hydrotherapic Float as part of their luxury spa suite, a fitness centre, and a strong family-emphasis with a kid’s club and babysitters.

The beach and pool scene at KC Beach Club is deliberately downplayed during the week – there are neighbours to consider after all. But things get livelier when it comes to the weekend. Every Saturday there’s an all-day brunch, running from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm. The atmosphere is relaxed, with the resident DJ, Paolo Bardelli, playing very cool sounds, nothing pacey or hot, just utterly mellow vibes to match the tropical setting. And on Saturday, there’s the famous Pool Party. Here, you can be sure to see a lot more people. The soundstage is at the edge of the beach looking in and, framed against this backdrop, up on the DJs plinth, a small group of dancing girls in bikinis and high heels set the tone. The free-form pool is filled with floating loungers like little islands, people drifting from one to another. And around the edge of the pool are huge sun umbrellas and deep, comfortable sun-beds. Bright young staff wearing non-stop smiles circulate, bearing refreshments and snacks.

The restaurant, ‘Neo’, located along one side of all of this, is doing a steady trade. This is typically Thai in style, being essentially open-sided, with a deep shaded recess where guests can escape from the rays for a while. The menu, featuring International and Thai cuisine, changes every month, and a new set of specials and promos appear, and this applies to drinks, as well as food. (Check their Facebook page for up-to-date details.) Neo is on two floors, with the upper area being the silky-smooth décor of the ‘Sky Lounge’. This is delightful, particularly at night, completely open to the stars, and with big billowing canopies draped like abstract sculptures across the sky above.

Are you in their catchment area? Are you one of the myriad of visitors who’ve come here to celebrate your Christmas this year? Well then you’ve got a least two ‘brunches’ and at least two pool parties to enjoy while you’re here – probably more. And, if you’re staying anywhere near Chaweng, then it’s just minutes away. So get yourself over to the heart of Chaweng, as that’s where you’ll find the ‘club in the middle’!

Rob De Wet


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