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A Magic Beyond Rum

Magic Alambic Distillery is a must see for vacationers and residents alike.

Magic Alambic Distillery is a must see for vacationers and residents alike.In the past few years Samui has seen rapid changes, and with these changes, the fear of losing authenticity and history is real. Yet a little magic has prevailed. Deep in the south of the island sits a place in the wilderness. Surrounded by flowers, inviting and warm, a distillery, the Magic Alambic Rum Distillery, with history that inspires.

This story begins with Elisa and Michel Gabriel. Married and living in the South of France, the two decided to move their rum making business to Samui in 2003, creating the Magic Alambic Rum Distillery. Recently bought by Ludovic Trantoul and his business partner, Martial Leplatois, the distillery has grown into much more.

Martial, a chef of twenty-five years, has created a menu from scratch, with a combination of traditional French and Thai dishes. The restaurant works as much as possible with local foods, and emphasizes working with ingredients correctly, taking special pride in their curry, which comes directly from Bangkok.

If you feel like something light, try the tapas which includes Boeuf Sauce Huitres, filled with beef and oyster sauce. Or, try a starter, possibly the Tom Yam Aux Fruits de Mer, a truly authentic Thai seafood soup with a mixture of calamari, fish, shellfish and shrimp.

Want something a little more filling or possibly French? For a main course order the Ballotine de Canard Farcie au Bleu, Sauce Miel - duck leg stuffed with blue cheese and honey sauce. You’ll struggle to find better French cuisine on the island.

Magic Alambic Distillery is a must see for vacationers and residents alike.Magic Alambic have also added some special events to treat their guests, and twice a month, on Fridays, for parties between six and 12, the restaurant offers a set menu at an unbeatable price. This needs to be booked by the Wednesday, so if you have family in town, call in to reserve your spot. The restaurant also offers a take away option for all meals including lobster! The lobster does require two days’ notice in advance to prepare, but I’d say that’s a small price to pay for fresh lobster delivered to your door.

Although the restaurant is undoubtedly an attraction, it still remains one of Thailand’s best rum distilleries. They key here is the sugar cane. When it’s top notch white rum you ask for, you can bet it’s made directly from sugar cane, and will be noted on the menu due to the spelling of rhum as opposed to rum. Let’s take a look at some of the cocktails Magic Alambic have created based around their unique distillery.

The Mojito - found on almost every drinks list, this classic is a mixture of white rum, dark rum, brown sugar, mint, lime and soda water, this version tastes anything but ordinary.

If you want to try something a little different, the Plamteur will leave you ready to take on the night’s festivities. With white rum, orange juice, pineapple juice, mango juice and K&S Syrup, it will leave you feeling fruity and alive.

Magic Alambic offer a variety of spirits, beers, and soft drinks to enhance your meal of choice, apart from rum. They also offer some great wines, chosen to match the chef’s creations. Even better, these wines are offered at affordable prices.

Beginning over ten years ago with a rum distillery, and now with a new restaurant, Magic Alambic have made the most of their outstanding location, offering their guests a great dining experience, ending with drinks under the stars. An authentic, tasteful, filling evening is on the menu at the Magic Alambic Rum Distillery.

Alison Stephens


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