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Packed with life-sustaining nutrients, superfoods keep your mind clear, body healthy and stomach full.

Packed with life-sustaining nutrients, superfoods keep your mind clear, body healthy and stomach full.Head east until you hit the ghost road near the middle of Maenam. Take a left. Proceed up unmanageable hills (note: swerving helps old motor-bike engines) pass the zip-line, until you reach the depths of the Samui jungle. Take a right where you see two flags, and continue up a dirt road (note: if more than one passenger everyone other than the driver should walk) where a sure flat tire awaits.

Well done. You have officially made it to the middle of nowhere. A place where only a small temple awaits you, after a twenty-minute hike up a steep hill. A place where you will surely sight multiple snakes and barking dogs. A place where The Love Kitchen sits… according to Google Maps.

Do not follow Google Maps. I repeat, do not under any circumstances follow Google Maps!

You guessed it - that’s exactly what I did, only to find The Love Kitchen sits inside the beautiful Absolute Sanctuary, a yoga and spa retreat, two minutes from my house, in between Choeng Mon and Chaweng. Needless to say, I was late, but what I was greeted with, made my anger with Google Maps quickly

recede. Deep brown curtains, accented with light orange and pink, dimmed the small room. Wooden tables sat throughout, each with four chairs with either a pink, yellow or green cushion. I chose one near the centre, sitting down on a yellow one, my favourite. Settled in, I opened The Love Kitchen’s health conscious menu, full of nutrient-packed ‘superfoods’.

P19-(2)Healthy eating has changed. It is no longer intense diets or simply cutting out fatty or carbohydrate-enriched foods. Instead, healthy eating centres on fundamental ingredients. Back to basics. Simply put, superfoods are a better-quality source of crucial nutrients. Key ingredients used in superfoods include quinoa, spelt flour, and goji berries.

Quinoa acts as a substitute for rice. It is high in protein and low in carbohydrates, and contains eight essential amino acids. Spelt flour, with its low gluten and fewer chemicals required to grow, is a perfect substitute for wheat. Goji berries, well, where to start. To begin with they have 500 times more vitamin C per ounce than an orange. They include vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, and E and contain 18 amino acids and 21 trace minerals.

Other than these key ingredients, superfoods include no processed food. Even the sauces and dressings are homemade! But this food doesn’t start and end with healthy. It is a tasty, lip-smacking array of goodness. It leaves you full of proteins, vitamins, and nutrients, yet your taste buds will never know “healthy” was on the menu. That is the key. That is the difference.

So what about the food at The Love Kitchen? I’ve ordered the 3-course gourmet sampling meal, which allows me to try an array of healthy foods at a great price (only 695 baht). First: appetizers. The 3-Bean Quinoa Salad including quinoa and goji berries is not only a perfect anti-aging remedy, but the quinoa with mustard is a combination that can’t be missed. Then I dive into the Chicken Caesar Rolls. With homemade yogurt inside green bell pepper, the taste alone will have you wondering if it is truly healthy! But with dressing that is low in cholesterol, high in calcium, and filled with hearty oils there is no need to worry.

P19-(3)For my main dish I had the Absolute Seafood Quinoa Paella. Packed with proteins, omega-3’s, zinc, iodine and selenium, consider your immune system boosted. The spicy sauce gives the fish a kick so as to not leave your taste buds behind.

Dessert. Yes, healthy does dessert. Just as the appetizers and main courses, a healthy dessert begins with the fundamentals. Superfoods main secret? No refined sugars. Only coconut sugars. For me, I had the Absolute Slim Quinoa Porridge with Coconut Milk and Goji Berries. Surprise raisins at the bottom of the coconut milk keep you smiling, not to mention the improved eyesight, overall longevity, and boosted immune system from the nutrients.

The deceptive size of the dishes might leave those with a larger appetite wondering if he or she will be full by the end of the meal. Being such a person myself, I can assure you - fear not. The wholesome ingredients lend themselves to smaller portions, but do not veer from making you feel satisfyingly full.

The superfoods line began in 2008. About a year later the menu expanded to include fish and chicken. Soon after, the menu became what it is today - a fully differential menu catering to all tastes, and packed with life-sustaining nutrients. In 2010, a cookbook was launched as superfoods enthusiast’s passion for heath created a demand for an at home menu. In Bangkok, this demand is also being met with a healthy food delivery service. Although not yet available on Samui, the increase in availability shows the superfoods trend is on the rise.

As the Love Kitchen’s name implies, what is not to love? Just please, do not follow Google Maps.


Alison Stephens


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