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Wine Oasis: A sanctuary that won’t disappoint.

Wine Oasis: A sanctuary that won’t disappoint.Oasis: a place that provides refuge, relief, or pleasant contrast.

The street sounds fade in the background after the first step. Once inside the garden I notice a large tree with branches that cut the sky making a ceiling of nature, speckled with the darkness of the night. Hanging throughout the branches are caged lights, each cage representing a different kind of bird. The lights within them brightening the open area below, where guests like myself are being treated to a night unlike any other.

An open area that is alive, yet quiet. Upon entering, an area with wine barrels for tables meets me as my first seating option. Farther back a choice of covered or uncovered seating awaits. I choose uncovered, beneath the branches and caged lights

Being at Wine Oasis, I begin with precisely that, wine. Prosecco - Extra dry, Veneto Italy: bright yellow, elegant floral bouquet and a magnificent mousse.

Melon and apple flavours, citrus and mineral, perfect balance, complexity. I read the text and before I know it, the blue bottle is being poured into my glass and placed in an ice bucket beside my table.

With the Thail government’s high tax ceiling on wine, it is no wonder excellent wines at a decent price are hard to find. But Wine Oasis has defeated the odds, with wines from all over the world at affordable prices. Many restaurants serve box-wine to avoid these high taxes, but Wine Oasis refuses to compromise.

A professional in the business, Wine Oasis can guarantee quality wine at a great price including one of the restaurants most expensive wines from Stimson Estate Cellars.

P12-13-(2)This American Cabernet showcases aromas of red fruits and toast with a hint of sweet spice. The wine is soft and balanced with flavours of cherries, blueberries and toast. Although the most expensive, it only marks the tip of the iceberg of the restaurants extensive list. With wines from Spain, Australia, Chile, France, USA, Italy and New Zealand, among others, Wine Oasis is truly a specialist and even grows their own grape vines inside the garden.

I drink my Prosecco and order food, following suggestions on what dishes would best suit my choice of wine. With a menu that has been built around the wine list, it is clear what’s in store will be nothing short of exceptional. Traditionally homemade, and made from fresh ingredients, many of which come from the local market every morning, each dish is unique, making no meal at Wine Oasis exactly the same.

I began my wonderful dining experience with the Thai Shrimp Cakes. Presented individually in holders, the cakes are surrounded by colourful purple and yellow flowers. In one bite, the almond wrapped cakes crunched into my mouth. It wasn’t but a moment before the others met the same fate.

I was then presented with my favourite, the Lobster Bisque. With its strong fusion, the lobster cream soup with gratin and lobster meat went faster than I had hoped.

Before continuing, I went for a walk, appreciating the garden in full. I even went back outside. There, displayed on ice, an array of fresh fish. Wine Oasis only offers the islands freshest seafood, made possible by their strong connections to local fisherman. I continued to walk, the smell of fresh fish making my stomach grumble, and I re-entered to enjoy my main course.

Pineapple Fried Rice awaited. The combination of pineapple with peas, carrots, onions, egg and cashew nuts, stir-fried with jasmine rice topped with the house sauce was delightful. I still had the Pan-fried Salmon to come, but it was hard not to finish the savoury pineapple. As I saw the salmon approaching the table, I wasn’t sure if I could eat any more, but after one bite, the thought vanished. The salmon, presented on top of organic vegetable fried rice and green curry cream sauce fell into my mouth bite after bite.

I almost passed on dessert. The night had been all I imagined it to be. The wine, the food, the happy, elegant ambiance, yet I found myself selecting the Egg Custard in Pumpkin. A Thai traditional dessert, it was presented with rose petals alongside lightly sweetened coconut milk and egg custard. Not too big, it filled what little room I had left with a charming sweet flavour.

An oasis in truth, it only takes one step inside Wine Oasis to know the name is well suited. Such a place to eat can be hard to find. But just outside Chaweng Gardens Beach Resort, on Chaweng Beach Road, that hard place to find turns into a hard place to leave.


Alison Stephens


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