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A technical team that completea the flawless Boncafe package.

A technical team that completea the flawless Boncafe package.Boncafe, originally established in Singapore, is a joint Thai and Swiss business enterprise focused on the perfection of coffee. Met with high demand, Boncafe has created a customer friendly coffee powerhouse that provides a multitude of products and support for customers ranging from private individuals to hotels and restaurants.

With coffee beans sourced and roasted in Thailand, and coffee machines imported from around the world, it is no wonder customers choose Boncafe. But what really sets them apart is their desire to help their customers and maintain their products after the sale is complete. And this technical support has now come to Samui.

The new technical centre is fully stocked, and is home to a highly experienced team. Located in Bophut, the centre provides immediate attention to any technical problems you may be experiencing with your Boncafe machine. Whether a private owner, hotel or restaurant, Boncafe technical centre is there to help. With the in-house stock, changing parts is not a problem, along with cleaning or other support, which they handle on a case-by-case basis. The technical team is also available to service your machine on-site, so there is no need to transport it to their premises!

Boncafe’s service packages include regular, preventive service checks, 365 days of service operation guaranteed, regular coffee calibration and QC on-site (including reporting system), cleaning and basic troubleshooting training for coffee machine operators, and all small consumable and wear-and-tear parts, like O-ring seals.

There is a set price of general service and maintenance fees. However, each case is dealt with separately, and prices are altered depending on service and maintenance required. Spare parts are not included in the pricing and are instead invoiced separately to ensure fair payment. Most parts are kept in stock, but if a part needs to be ordered, Boncafe ensures a quick delivery. Clients will receive a tax invoice, listing all parts that have been changed as well as a receipt from the technician, who received the machine.

P6-7-(2)Boncafe guarantees the technical support only for machines that have been purchased from the Boncafe brands including Ascaso, Grindmaster, Brasilia, Jura, Bunn, La Marzocco, Ergo, Petra, Fetco, Saeco, Franke, and Schaerer. However, they will gladly inspect other brands if the machine doesn’t require specific knowledge, doesn’t require the import of a particular part, or the client provides the spare part.

Knowing there is a smart, effective team that has your back gives you all the reason you need to finally buy the coffee maker you’ve always wanted. If you haven’t had the opportunity to purchase your Boncafe machine consider some of these options!

The La Marzocco - This heavy-duty classic machine specializes in espresso brewing with its dual boiler system. With thermal stability, you’ll enjoy the perfect temperature every shot you take. Enhanced by a cup warmer your espresso and cappuccino cups will be the proper temperature every time!

If you want a more personal coffee machine, try the WMF Bistro. This fully automatic coffee machine specializes in espresso, café crème, and cappuccino among others. This machine is equipped with a touch screen display. Ready with a control system, automatic cleaning program, hot water dispensing, beverage registration and dry discharge, it will fit all your coffee needs. It also comes with a variety of add-ons including a universal cooler, under machine cooler and a cup and cool narrow cooler.

At the welcoming technical support centre, your time won’t be wasted. Met with a friendly team, you’ll even enjoy a nice cup of freshly made coffee while you are waiting. And a secret from me to you - try the caramel cappuccino (the caramel sticks to your lips)!


Alison Stephens


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