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Great food and much more at Santiburi Samui Country Club.

Thailand,wining,dining,samui,koh,samui,map,siammap,samuimap,holiday,escape,vacation,food,travel,backpack,hotel,room,guide,line,recommendEver found yourself in a dream, driving up the hills, landing at a spot with a panoramic view of mountains, beaches and thousands of trees, experiencing sun rise with breakfast and fresh coffee? Good morning, folks. Welcome to Santiburi Samui Country Club.

In 2003, a superb tournament-standard 18-hole par 72 golf course with driving range and putting green (originally known as ‘Santiburi Golf’) opened its greens for the first time.

Today this course has become firmly-established on the nation’s tournament circuit, and is now a regular feature on the Asian Tour, hosting the annual Queen’s Cup. It’s one of the country’s top-ranked golf courses. But that’s only one part of the tale.

You see, unlike some, this is a course that welcomes beginners and novices as much as it does professionals. Today the philosophy is that golf is a game to be enjoyed by all: that there’s no reason for a professional golf course to be precious about its players. In fact you don’t even need to be a member to be able to enjoy a round or two. And, in order to reflect the laid-back and accommodating nature of this outlook, the name of the establishment has evolved into the ‘Santiburi Samui Country Club’.

And it’s easy to find, too. After you’ve passed through Maenam town heading towards Nathon on the ring-road, turn left where you see the sign and simply head for the hills, following the further signposts as you go.

This is a marvellous and affordable venue to drop-in for a break, for a breakfast, or simply for a long, slow cocktail, or/and to enjoy what is possibly one of the most stunning sunset spots on Samui, with the green-lawned ‘parkland’ and lake spread out below. The restaurant at the clubhouse is big, cool, airy and open-sided,Thailand,wining,dining,samui,koh,samui,map,siammap,samuimap,holiday,escape,vacation,food,travel,backpack,hotel,room,guide,line,recommend with a sweeping panorama of just about the entire bay of Maenam; a view that’ll make your eyes pop and challenge your camera’s capabilities.

The restaurant is open for breakfast from 6:00 am with a selection of Thai and European offerings, as well as freshly brewed coffee.

Here are some of the highlights from the menu. For appetizers, you may want to try the Satay Moo -- pork satay served with peanut sauce, or the Nam Chiang Mai - Chiang Mai sausage, a speciality from the north served with fresh ginger, chilli and peanuts. If you prefer something light try the Po Pia Pak - vegetable spring rolls served with palm sauce.

Spicy food lovers usually pick Tom Yum Goong soup and the Som Tum Ta-lay salad. The former is the famous spicy and sour prawn soup, with lime leaves, ginger, lemon-grass and chilli and the latter is a spicy green papaya salad with mixed seafood.

For your main course, you can opt for the Thai style Pad Thai Goong Sod - fried noodles with prawns, or the Chinese style, Guay Tiaw Neua Tun - noodle soup with beef, or the German style pork leg - deep-fried German leg pork with mashed potatoes or French fries and gravy.

The prices are very reasonable, and the menu incorporates pictures to match the food titles. Now while the pictures help guests understand their orders better, what's amazing is their new EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) system.

How does this work? Each waitress is provided with an I-pad, making communication easy, especially with the English speaking guests. The system helps the guests feed information about their preferences-- less/more spicy, allergic to a particular ingredient so on.

“EPOS is installed to help every department of the golf course, not just the restaurant. The check-in, the canteen, the store bar, the whole building.” explains Derek McKenzie, the club’s general manager. This is a fantastic way of modernising and upgrading with technology.

“We have people coming here all the time on their mopeds just to take pictures, some to eat or just to have a drink.” he continues, as he gave us a tour around the place in a golf cart. So yes you can take your scooter up here. Just make sure you focus on the road and not the mesmerising view.

And while there may be a dress code for golfers, there are no such restrictions in the restaurant – everyone is welcome!


Charisma Bharadwaj


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