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A Statement to Be Heard

Some new additions you don’t want to miss at Drink Gallery.

14-15-(1)Two weeks ago I became a feature writer, one of those people who acquire information, then reproduce it. Yesterday, I had my first meeting, the moment of acquiring the information (a crucial part I assure you), set for eleven-thirty. I arrived nearly thirty minutes late, only to realize the meeting had been scheduled for the next day, and I was instead expected at a different restaurant entirely.

The next day (and on time), after driving past Central Festival and towards the end of the one-way street in Chaweng, I walked through the glass doors of Drink Gallery, to be met by a warm, dimly-lit room. The black and white furniture mixed with wooden tables felt oddly comforting. Across the room bright red bar stools sent adrenalin coursing back through me, but nothing took me away quite like the canvas on the concrete wall just above the bar.

Politely ushered to a seat near the centre of the room I was fortunate enough to be facing the painting. You’ve seen it, and if you haven’t, well, you haven’t been looking. An icon of Chaweng, the girl with jet-black braids, cool light skin, and bright red lipstick contrasted with a hot red background, can’t be missed. Her fearless demeanour echoes the vibe of Drink Gallery making the restaurant a statement to be heard.

Just above where I sat, off-white crystal chandeliers hung juxtaposing the red and black colour scheme. I was beginning to feel like I was in a design studio, a place where sexy meets warmth and street meets suburbs. It wasn’t long before I noticed the eclectic light bulbs hanging on the wall for an up-scale ambiance, and electric blinds began to descend showing I hadn’t been wrong. This was a design studio combined with food and drink to create a one of a kind restaurant.

With the debut of two new drinks in an upcoming line, Drink Gallery continues to break boundaries and set new standards with presentation style, glass shape and unparalleled tastes. If aesthetics weren’t enough to bring you into Drink Gallery, a close look at these drinks will.

The first drink to debut, Sherbet Dose & Salmon in a Blanket, is unmatched with its drink and eats combo style. On the menu it will read ‘gin, orange juice, lime juice, vanilla syrup, angostura bitters vs. salmon rolls,’ but what gets placed in front of you is nothing sort of mind-blowing. Presented in a bespoke holder, the food, drink and silverware all have their place, packed like carry-on luggage, small and compact. Pour the sauce out of small jars onto the salmon rolls, and then be ready, because after a sip of the drink just to the right, the spicy kick will leave your mouth watering for more.

14-15-(2)Second on the list, MyThai, will first have you in awe with its presentation. Served in a brown bag, neatly folded and tied around a jar glass with string tied into a perfect bow, you can’t wait to get your hands on it. On the menu it will read ‘Captain Morgan Dark Rum, light rum, triple sec, almond syrup, fresh lime juice, pineapple juice, angostura bitters, and Thai chili’. An instant favourite, this drink will keep you coming back to Drink Gallery night after night.

Open from one in the afternoon to one in the morning, with live entertainment at night, Drink Gallery deceivingly screams ‘drinks only’, but this perception must be broken - I’ll lend a hand.

Samui Rangoon Appetizer - With lemon grass sauce topped over crabmeat with cheese, this is no typical crab Rangoon. The extra cheese gives this dish an American feel built up with Thai flavour.

Salmon Oskar Benedict- The fresh fish with asparagus and lemon Hollandaise has become a staple of the restaurant. A light and tasty meal to keep you full and happy.

So a fresh new line of drinks, designer décor, late night live music, killer food, what could Drink Gallery possibly have to top off that perfect night? How about dessert?

A classic and a favourite, the ‘Thai Tea Tiramisu’ is just what you’re looking for. With Thai tea mascarpone and almond macaroons, the taste of ice-cream cake will fill your mouth, cooling you from the Thailand heat.

With mixed berries, green tea ice cream and green tea powder dust the ‘Green Tea Chocolate Lava’ combines hot and cold keeping your taste buds both on their toes and wanting more.

You’re high-class looking for street, you’re street looking for urban, you’re warm looking for daring, and you’re daring looking for quiet. You’re anyone looking for something new, or you’re simply a new feature writer looking to be on time.

Step into Drink Gallery and you’ll find what you’re looking for.


Alison Stephens


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