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Whether it’s a romantic evening or family affair, Full Moon at Anantara will leave you breathless.


I travelled alone, making my way across a wooden bridge with the still water below. Fire blazed, magically hovering, lining the sides of the bridge to help light the way. But reaching the end only the unknown lay before me. Tall jungle trees, lush vegetation and beautiful yet ferocious wild flowers were all I saw; yet I had to keep going. I had to.

Okay I might be exaggerating, but only a little. In truth, after entering Anantara Bophut Resort & Spa from the ring road, I felt as though I had left the village of Bophut and was heading into a different world entirely. I crossed the wooden bridge, and passed by tiki-torches (I swear they could have been magically hovering), soon engulfed by trees. Just on the other side of the floating lily pads and colourful flowers, Full Moon awaited my presence.

Anantara houses two full service restaurants and an additional bar. All unique in their own respects, Full Moon is a place of specialty, a place for great food and a relaxed atmosphere. A place for families and couples to enjoy the quiet, while indulging in some of the islands best dining, which I was about to taste.

Overlooking a pool below, I took in the calming blue lights as they shone through the water. The busy day filled with laughs, sunbathing and poolside reading had ceased, leaving the resort a peaceful getaway for guests and outsiders alike. On the horizon I could see the breathtaking silhouette of Koh Phangan.

My food arrived. For my ‘First Element’, the restaurants chic play on appetizers, I had the char-grilled tiger prawns. Drops of pesto mayonnaise surrounded the prawns, which were wrapped eloquently in aged Parma ham. In the centre a bedThailand,wining,dining,samui,koh,samui,map,siammap,samuimap,holiday,escape,vacation,food,travel,backpack,hotel,room of green beans and salad completed the look. The only thing left after admiring the dish was to tuck in! silhouette of Koh Phangan.

My gaze was interrupted by a waitress and a box of knives. Seeing my interest, the waitress began to explain the origin and uses of the six different knives. They came from all around the world- China, Germany, and the largest of the six, Bangkok. In the end, I didn’t need one for the ‘Main Element’ I had chosen, but seeing them now I slightly wished I had chosen something different.

Imported from Hawaii, France, Russia, and Italy the different olive oils and spices intended for different types of meats sat before me, carried over moments after the knives had disappeared. As before, the waitress explained their origins, and the type of meat they went best with. The last one mentioned came from Thailand, an exquisite one I was assured, but I was encouraged to pick another one, again due to the dish I had chosen. I half-heartedly wished again I had chosen otherwise. That wish I soon found was foolish.

Crispy skin Scottish salmon with artichokes appeared before me. Topped with citrus-caper berry cream sauce, the salmon melted in my mouth. A refreshing Greek horiakiti salad accompanied the fish.

The Chef at Full Moon, Bernhard Koll, kindly gave me some insights into the menu. Crowd favourites, and main dishes like ‘The Only One’ - a 400 gram seafood spear, skewered with rock lobster, scallops, tiger prawns, tuna and vegetables baked in the charcoal fired tandoori oven, and ‘The Ultimate One”- a 400 gram wagyu beef, kurobuta pork,Thailand,wining,dining,samui,koh,samui,map,siammap,samuimap,holiday,escape,vacation,food,travel,backpack,hotel,room veal and vegetable spear baked in the same oven, couldn’t possibly be taken off. But changing the menu occassionally is a necessity, not only for the guests, but for the chef as well.

““I cook for myself,” Bernhard says, “Beef tenderloin, steak salad, pork steak, beef steak; good home style cooking is my favourite. The simple stuff,” he admits with a smile.

With a happy chef and a new menu matched with one of a kind steak knives and imported olive oil and spices, what more could you ask for? Well there is one final touch.

With over 200 bottles of wine, making it one of the largest selections on the island, Anantara has its very own wine cellar, including home-country Thailand wines. I had the pleasure of trying a glass of the Colombard. A white wine from Monsoon Valley, Hua Hin, the wine meshed perfectly with my salmon.

They even offer a special ‘Wine Dinner’, which features a beautiful five-course meal served with matching wine pairings. And even if wine is not your thing, guests may indulge in the five-course meal with an alternate choice of drink.

With Anantara’s famous chef, wonderfully changing menu, fine wine and fine dining, a night spent at Full Moon will be a night never forgotten.


Alison Stephens


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