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The Beach Club at Buri Rasa, is a complete dining experience.

Thailand,wining,dining,samui,koh,samui,map,siammap,samuimap,holiday,escape,vacation,food,travel,backpack,hotel,room‘Antique’ is a word that comes to mind when you enter Buri Rasa in south Chaweng. Notice the dainty leelavadi flowers, Thai-Balinese style villas, red oxide floors, book shelves (with a large collection of Asian books), wooden chess board, hefty lamps and a collection of peep-through double-doors. The colour-scheme is turquoise with yellow and beige... it's like a marriage of contemporary and old-fashioned design.

Buri Rasa's restaurant, The Beach Club, is quite avant-garde, and is located on the same level as the beach itself, keeping the space inclusive and neat. I say avant-garde as you find splashes of creativity in every corner. For example, the tables are decorated with miniature rice plants instead of the usual flowers in a vase. Considering rice is the staple food of Thailand, this simple idea makes so much sense. This takes some effort and patience too, as the process of sprouting is a three day wait.

These little joys enhance your dining experience. And what completes or complements the design is the hospitality you witness at Buri Rasa.

The staff are well-trained to look after their guests like house-guests or family. Their needs are taken personally, and there is no delay in carrying out requests as each member of staff is given the authority to make instant decisions on their own. This kind of right empowers employees, bridging status differences. This is further enhanced by the resorts’ reward system -- once Thailand,wining,dining,samui,koh,samui,map,siammap,samuimap,holiday,escape,vacation,food,travel,backpack,hotel,rooma month, they vote a 'star employee' and this tag is given along with a bonus to the employee that does something special that month.

“If you look after the staff, the staff look after you.” - This is the philosophy of both the resort, and Michael Eccles, the cordial resort manager.

Tuesdays and Thursdays are particularly special at The Beach Club, with special live music on the beach with two beautiful female singers and a buffet dinner. On Tuesdays the offerings include a Mongolian Wok Station (Chef's idea and a first on the island) along with a la carte local seafood, and on Thursdays it’s an international buffet.

But every day is a good day to visit so you can try out the new specials on the menu. To begin with, you can choose a Thai appetizer - Moo Ping (grilled pork skewer with sweet chilli sauce) or a Mediterranean appetizer- Tuna Lemongrass (fresh tuna loin with lemongrass, red Ebiko mint and lime juice). For your main course, we recommend the Chicken Schnitzel Caponata (roasted parsley potato, vegetable ragout) and the Roasted Pork Cutlet (feta salad, homemade hummus, sautéed potato, mustard sauce).

Another highly-praised dish is their pasta Amatriciana (pancetta, chilli, homemade tomato sauce, and buffalo mozzarella cheese). However, their signature dish is the 'Nam Tok Moo', or spicy sliced grilled pork. This dish has gained popularity in Thai restaurants across the globe.

And for dessert you really must try the New York Cheese Cake!

The Beach Club is open from 7:30 am to 11:30 pm. In the afternoon, you often find guests chilling by the beach on their turquoise sun-beds, sipping cocktails out of coconut shells. This is the famous 'Rasa Colada' - a Buri Rasa special cocktail mixed with rum, Malibu, pineapple juice and coconut milk. And from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm it’s happy hour, with two for one drinks.

And you will be pleased to know they do not add any service charge or tax to your bill. A perfect way of saying 'see you again'.

Charisma Bharadwaj


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