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Thailand is a country where the pleasure of dining out isn’t just saved for special occasions


Thailand,wining,dining,samui,koh,samui,map,siammap,samuimap,holiday,escape,vacation,food,travel,backpack,hotel,roomIn many countries, most people eat out maybe once or twice a week. And the main reason that they don’t dine out more often is the cost.

Well, things are different here. With staff costs being extremely low, the price of dining in restaurants is almost the same as eating in. And, in some cases, it’s actually cheaper to eat out!

Even the fine-dining restaurants here only charge a fraction of the prices you’d expect to pay in your own country. So you can dine out to your heart’s content, knowing that it’s not going to cost you a fortune.

But, although things are cheap here, you still don’t want to be wasting your money in restaurants that aren’t ‘up to the mark’. That’s why it’s advisable to use the recommended restaurants in the Samui Dining Guide (see page 11 for more details).

That way, not only will you get terrific value for money, but you’ll also be guaranteed a gastronomic feast every time.


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