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Holiday Heaven
1When it comes to having an exotic winter break, Samui is the tops.

Think of them for a minute. All those poor souls back in the cold whilst you’re here enjoying a winter holiday under the hot tropical sun. Right, that’s it. Don’t overdo it, the minute’s up. From this moment onwards, forget all about them and just concentrate on having a fantastic time on Samui!

And that’s such an easy task, what with all the great things that the island has to offer. There’s white sandy beaches to stretch out on, fascinating temples to explore, deserted islands to sail to, exciting sports to participate in, world-class spas to be pampered at, local markets to pick up a bargain in, vibrant bars and clubs to dance away the night at, and, most relevantly to this publication, an outstanding selection of excellent restaurants in which to wine and dine every night of your stay.

Just about every popular cuisine from around the world is available on Samui, including: Indian, French, Italian, Korean, Mexican, Japanese, German, Vietnamese, Scandinavian, Russian, Chinese, Brazilian and not forgetting Thai! And it’s all created in the island’s renowned restaurants by some top International and Thai chefs who’ve been drawn here, like you, by the glorious tropical lifestyle.

And what better time to be here than during the Christmas – New Year period? A time when there’ll be parties and celebrations galore. An occasion when everybody will be joining in the fun and festivities and a good time will be had by all.

Maybe you should think again of those left behind in the cold. But only long enough to send them Christmas and New Year wishes before getting back to the serious job in hand of enjoying your holiday on Samui to the full!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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