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Top class dining in the heart of Chaweng.


5-01If you’re walking down Chaweng Beach Road, you can’t miss the eye-catching black and white signboard of ‘Spago’. Once the signboard has lured you in, you will realise you made a wise choice. This restaurant always has an easy-going ambience and a chilled-out crowd. It is spread over two levels, with a dining room, terrace and a very inviting wine store in a glass cube. The high-spirited Spago terrace is the perfect place for get-togethers and special events. The parties at Spago are rich, classy and fun. Yes, you have landed in the right place.

      Run by Khun Jeab, a tourism management graduate, and her husband, Alessandro Minuzzo, a chef, Spago serves an exquisite combination of Thai and Mediterranean cuisine. Khun Jeab, who hails from Nakhon Si Thammarat, takes care of the business aspect of the restaurant. She believes, running a restaurant efficiently is the key to boosting a small business’s profits. It is therefore no surprise the owner-staff dynamic at Spago is both robust and infectious - you will notice the staff in pitch black uniforms dote on the couple. They are lively, courteous and all speak good English.

They know their menu inside out and deliver guests’ food and drinks on time. Nothing goes amiss here.

      Spago sets a high standard for its food, and ensures that guests are served the same quality with every visit. Their wood-fired-pizzas are reason enough to compel anyone to make repeat visits. High-quality ingredients and an experienced chef are indispensable in serving good food consistently. Alessandro, who hails from northern Italy, understands his guests' tastes and handles the kitchen staff adroitly, to ensure that guests receive their meal just the way they order it. He does it with such finesse that you don’t even notice it. He prepares the ingredients fresh daily for the wood-fired pizza. This sets them apart from many other Italian restaurants in Chaweng.

      Wood-fired pizza ovens are growing in popularity around the world. They can be a good substitute to barbecuing, and possess powerful residual heat. You can cook almost anything with these ovens. And you can’t beat Alessandro at the wood-fired oven. His way to your heart is through his oven. And, while you’re seated at the table waiting for that hot wood-fired Spago pizza to arrive on your table, your eyes start wandering around the place - you will be enthralled by the striking interior of the restaurant.

     If you happen to stroll over to their authentic Thai restaurant, ‘Galanga’ next door, you will see a grand red statue of Buddha standing in the corner adding a companionable colour to the back and white design. Galanga, also has a giant tree rooted right in the middle of the restaurant, giving dining that soulful experience. Galanga, (in Thai) means “the root of ginger”.

      Meanwhile back at Spago, the cold cuts, classic Italian appetizers and the ‘Spago duck’ are some of the must-eats from the menu. The average cost per person for a meal would be around 450 baht.

       Well, who doesn’t enjoy jolly music with supper! At Spago, you’ll enjoy lounge music ranging from Buddha Bar classics to the latest top hits as you sip your Itanish (Italian & Spanish) wine. Talking about wines, Spago sells some of the best imported wines - Vigna di Pallino (Chianti), Casanova di Neri (Brunello di Montalcino), Garganega Prosecco (Vino Frizzante) to name a few. Make it a point to visit their wine store on the first floor. They’re quite reasonably priced too.

         If you’re not in the mood for a good glass of wine, you can go for their ever popular mojito or the flavoured daiquiris - white rum served with lime juice and fresh banana or mango, watermelon or strawberry. They even have happy hours (buy one, get one free), between 7 pm and 10 pm.


         Yes, “Spago” certainly gives you those happy hours you deserve!


Charisma Bharadwaj


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