Samui Wining & Dining
Icing On The Cake

In addition to Samui’s other attractions, there’s a vibrant restaurant scene, too.


1You can be forgiven for not knowing. The brochures don’t mention them. And they’re not the first things that come to mind when you hear the name Koh Samui. What we’re talking about, of course, is the vast array of world-class restaurants on this tiny tropical island.

     Offering all the most popular cuisines from around the planet, and many more obscure ones besides, when it comes to choice of what to eat, Samui is unparalleled as a dining destination. There’s Italian, Indian, Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, French, German, Swiss, Brazilian, Mexican, Middle Eastern, plus the world’s favourite – Thai!

    And the restaurants themselves are equally varied in style and location, too. With everything from rustic little bamboo-framed cafes dotted amongst the swaying palm trees on deserted beaches through to sumptuous 5-star

marblefloored ‘palaces’ overlooking wonderful views, there’s somewhere for every occasion and every budget. But one thing you can be sure of, wherever you dine, and that’s the all-pervading friendly Thai hospitality


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