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Make yourself feel special with Hansar’s special six-course menu.


14-15Hansar Koh Samui lies in a tranquil part of Bophut Bay. The turquoise waters of the Gulf of Thailand are just a stone’s throw away, and the vibrant Fisherman’s Village is a short walk down a quaint cobblestone street. The name ‘Hansar’ is a Sanskrit word that means happiness and joy, which fits perfectly with the resort’s philosophy.

      H-Bistro is Hansar's signature dining experience. It features a French Mediterranean menu with an exclusive wine list, which is regularly updated. Executive Chef Stephen Dion, hails from Montreal in Canada and brings with him a lifetime of cooking experience. Beginning his career at the age of 18, he has worked in some prestigious locations such as Les Halles in Quebec (which has the reputation of being one of the most outstanding independent restaurants in Canada), Ma Maison Restaurant at the Hilton Nai Lert Park in Bangkok, and also worked for two years as the private Chef to His Majesty, the King of Jordan. He has also cooked for the Sultan of Brunei and Prince Charles, to name a few.

      The restaurant provides the perfect location for Chef Stephen to work; he can even see the sea from his kitchen! Sitting outside on the terrace, you

can take in the wide open views of Bangrak Bay and beyond, while deciding if you're going to eat from the a la carte menu or indulge in something even more special.

      The 'Chef's Dinner Specials' set menu is available every evening, subject to seasonal produce availability. It's a unique menu using high quality ingredients from all over the world while maintaining Hansar's philosophy of offering great value. An international wine has been chosen to complement each course (although the menu is also available without wine pairing).

      Created by Chef Stephen, the menu offers delights from both sea and land, transporting you on a journey of tastes from creamy to crispy, crunchy to smooth and sweet to savoury, with the odd sneaky dose of alcohol here and there.

     The menu starts with a gift from the sea - a Hokkaido scallop and Carabineros prawn tartar. Hokkaido scallops are known for their freshness and high quality. This combination sits in the centre of the plate with watercress vichyssoise, cream fraiche and two wafer thin slices of pickled yellow beetroot. Kept on ice until served, it's chilled when you eat it and the freshness is unmistakeable. It's light and tasty and a delicious start to your meal, and is matched beautifully with a cold glass of Italian Prosecco.

      The next course is a luxuriously smooth seared French ‘Soulard Foie Gras’ with Marcona almonds, wild rocket, spiced roasted quince and quince jelly flambéed in Calvados with a duck reduction. The foie gras simply melts in your mouth and the sweetness of the duck reduction perfectly tones down the richness of the liver. The roasted quince and foie gras have matching textures and are a treat to eat, coupled with a nice cold class of Western Australian Riesling.

       Tender, juicy Ibérico pork loin resting on top of a portion of Morel mushroom risotto is up next. Ibérico pork comes from Spain near the border with Portugal. The pigs live on a diet of acorns, which results in a well-marbled meat, and near butter-like texture. There are also cubes of deliciously smoky Bellota ham in the risotto. Bellota ham is known as one of the finest cured hams in the world. It comes from happy free range pigs roaming native oak forests. Its rich, savoury taste works incredibly well with the risotto. Enjoy this with a glass of Alto Adige from Italy.

         Don't give up yet, you've now got another offering from the sea in the form of wild Maine lobster medallions. This sweet and flavourful serving of lobster is accompanied by white asparagus, squash spaghetti, pearl onions and pickled ginger juice. The mild spice of the ginger juice doesn't overpower the delicate flavour of the lobster, and the crispness of the sweet pearl onion complements the dish well. The perfect wine accompaniment is a chilled glass of Chardonnay from Spain.

         The next dish can only be described as heavenly. Move over rib eye, move over fillet steak - make way for veal cheeks, which is the softest, most tender meat you'll ever try. Slow cooked over a low heat in a sealed vacuumed bag, served drizzled with a Barolo red wine sauce, this meat is so tender, you'd be forgiven for thinking it wasn't meat at all. It is served with a helping of potato mousseline, Edmond Fallots Pommery mustard, salsify, and a golf ball carrot. You will savour each and every mouthful of this course, and perhaps enjoy it with a Shiraz Cabernet blend from South Australia.!

         Hopefully at this point, you've got just enough space for a decadent dessert. A warm cacao and chocolate apricot tart dusted with Barry Cocoa powder and served with cold apricot sorbet. Break open the tart and you'll find warm, rich, chocolate oozing seductively onto your plate. Scoop it up along with a mouthful of cold apricot sorbet for a perfect dessert combination. An MR Mountain wine from Malaga in Spain is the ideal complement.

         So as you can see, this is indeed a very special menu. But you don’t need a special occasion to head down to Hansar and enjoy some truly unique food in a great location.


Colleen Setchell


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