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As Easy as Pie

Boncafe prove they are not just about coffee.


10If you've drunk a coffee on Samui, it's highly likely it was made from a Boncafe machine. The brand name is instantly recognisable, and can easily be spotted in many resorts, restaurants and cafés around the island. So they sell coffee machines, right? Well, yes, but they do that and a whole lot more too...

      If you're not familiar with Boncafe, let us explain. Located on the ring-road in Bophut, just a little west of the traffic lights, they provide the most up-to-date, state of the art machines and tools as well as a full machine servicing service. And they are also a leading Thai-Swiss manufacturer of coffees, teas, drinking chocolate powders, flavoured syrups, and sauces. They even provide workshops on everything from coffee recipes, to how to open a coffee shop. If anyone has a passion for all things coffee shop related, Boncafe will take that passion and make it a reality.

      If you've attended one of their many workshops, and you have everything you need to open your own coffee shop, what more do you need?

      Well, Boncafe have come up with something new and exciting that will help increase coffee shop's sales and profits. If you have a coffee shop,

people stop by for a drink yes, but maybe you’d like to encourage customers to linger longer. And this is easily done by tempting them with a bite to eat.

      Introducing... Lyons pie fillings. You can now produce profitable pastry items, and perhaps encourage customers to stay for two drinks, instead of just one. Made from selected fresh fruit, these canned pie fillings are easy to store, easy to use and especially enjoyable to eat. Choose from plump blueberries, juicy tart cherries, ripe California freestone peaches or crispy Fuji apples. And don't let the name fool you - they can be used for so much more than just pies.

     Coax your customers in at breakfast time with promises of morning coffee with fresh waffles, warm pancakes or French toast, all topped with deliciously fresh fruity toppings. For lunch or just a decadent dessert served throughout the day, you can create blueberry pies, apple cobblers, cherry cakes or peach tarts. Don't let your imagination stop there - you can even use them as toppings for cheesecake, ice cream or frozen yoghurt. It's really that simple. You can offer a whole range of food items, from four different flavours of premium produced, cans of fresh fruit. You could even blend them into smoothie for an extra fruity kick.

      And that brings us to the next new feather in Boncafe's cap - the Vitamix blender direct from the USA. Vitamix itself already has a 77-year old reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality blenders in the global market, and this was the inspiration for Boncafe to become a distributor in Thailand. In a hot country such as this, where iced drinks are in constant demand from both tourists and locals alike, it's almost a necessity to have a good quality, heavy duty blender. The Vitamix blender has two speed settings, hardened stainless steel blades on ball bearings and a polycarbonate blender jug to allow you to see the contents while blending. The 1.4 litre blender jug allows you to blend two or three glasses of beverage at the same time.

       But now think what you can do with a blender and the delicious fresh fruit so readily available on Samui? Smoothies, fruit shakes, fruit and ice cream or yoghurt mixes. Let your creativity run wild and combine the pie fillings with fresh fruit and ice cream. The peach pie filling, fresh mangoes and ice cream sounds like a pretty good way to start!

         And it doesn't stop there. The last feather in their cap (for the time being anyway) is the selection of syrups available from Torani. Another American company. And Torani's syrups come in so many flavours! Some suit coffees such as hazelnut, cinnamon, malted caramel and vanilla. Some suit fruit shakes such as coconut, blackberry, lime or kiwi fruit and some are seasonal like pumpkin pie, chai tea, maple or Italian eggnog. Can you even begin to imagine the wonderful ways to use these syrups? You can use them in the new desserts you're going to create with your new pie fillings, or you can use them in the smoothies and fruit shakes you're going to create with your new Vitamix blender. But believe it or not, there is another exciting way to use them which adds yet another new section to your coffee shop's menu ... mocktails..

         In Boncafe's glossy monthly magazine, you will find four refreshing recipes using their Torani syrups. Do visit their shop, enjoy a drink and browse through their magazine. But here is a taster of one recipe called 'Today I am in love' (and we're hoping that after this article, you'll be in love with Boncafe.)


        15ml Torani ruby red grapefruit syrup

        10ml Torani strawberry syrup

        45ml Apple juice 45ml Lychee juice

        1 cup crushed ice

         Combine all ingredients and ice together in a shaker and mix well.

        Pour into glasses and serve, garnished with a slice of apple


         So when you think of Boncafe, don't only think 'coffee', think 'coffee shop' and you'll be one step closer to understanding exactly how much Boncafe can do for you.


Colleen Setchell


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