Samui Wining & Dining
Sun, Sand and Culture

These days, Samui’s a lot more than just a tropical beach destination.


1There was a time when the only thing that Samui had to offer was lovely unspoilt beaches. With no shops to speak of, and precious little to do in the evenings except perching yourself on a stool at thatched beach bars night after night, things soon became a little monotonous.

     Entertainment was non-existent and when it came to eating anything other than simple local food, you could forget it. Admittedly, there was a certain rustic charm to the place but being without creature comforts and the finer things in life is all very well if you’re backpacking for months with your college buddies. But if you’re on holiday for a short period wanting a more comprehensive Thai experience, then it’s a different story.

     Thankfully, things have changed. Samui still has its unspoilt beaches but it also has a whole range of shopping opportunities.

              And when it comes to fine-dining restaurants and marvelous entertainment, then it’s up there with some of the world’s top destinations. With renowned chefs from around the planet serving a vast array of different cuisines, you can eat just about anything you fancy, but at a fraction of the price you’d be paying back home. Thai, French, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Indian and even Brazilian cuisine are all available. And almost every restaurant will be serving the freshest of fresh seafood, too, as you’d expect from being on an island with flotillas of local fishing boats out casting their nets every day.

              And, finally, another benefit of the island’s progress over the years is that you now get to read quality publications, like Samui Wining & Dining, instead of relying on dog-eared flyers for in-depth local information!


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