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Black Canyon Coffee expands yet again.


Page-15There are certain brand names in this world that you associate with quality and value for money - Black Canyon Coffee is one of these. The only misleading thing is the name which doesn’t hint at all at the incredible food that they offer as well as an impressive selection of teas, iced drinks, smoothies and frappes.

      First established in Thailand back in 1993, you could say that Black Canyon were a pioneer as Thailand’s first coffee shop. They use modern roasting methods and high quality Espresso coffee from Italy. They have over 250 branches throughout Thailand and three on Samui. Their baristas have won awards at both national and international levels, so it’s easy to understand why they are a trusted brand and much loved by both foreigners and Thais.

      So it was with great excitement that Area Manager, Wongchan Jinawong, told us all about the brand new branch that opened in the new Central Festival shopping mall. The mall, which opened on the 29th March, is smack bang in the middle of Chaweng, and can’t be missed from the beach road.

     The new Black Canyon is located on the second floor and is a massive 150 square metres. It has 25 tables and also free Wi-Fi (coming soon to the Lamai Black Canyon too). Going for a more comfortable and relaxed feel, there are more sofas in this branch than the other branches, although tables and chairs are still available for those who prefer a more upright dining experience. Being an outside mall, entering Black Canyon will be a welcome relief as it is air-conditioned and therefore an ideal place to cool off during your shopping expedition to enjoy a nice iced drink or a bite to eat. Their 12-15 new staff members have had their official two weeks training and are prepped and ready to care for their new customers.

     Opening at 9:00 am, they have a good breakfast menu for you to start your day with, as well as various bakery items. They also have the largest selection of iced coffees you’re likely to find anywhere on the island. They have iced cappuccino, iced mocha, iced espresso, Mexican iced coffee (served in a glass boot!), Black Canyon iced coffee and black coffee champ iced coffee. But it doesn’t stop there; there are ten (yes ten!) different coffee frappes.

      If coffee is not your thing, fear not, there is hot Twinings tea, iced teas and tea frappes. And if you’re not a caffeine addict like the rest of the world, then how about a chocolate drink? They have both hot chocolate drinks and iced chocolate drinks and three very delicious frappes - chocolate chip, chocolate glacier and the very unique cranberry chocolate frappe. You’re on diet? No problem, there are smoothies, fruit frappes in the form of watermelon, apple, lime and honey lime; and herbal juices.

      But as mentioned, just because they’re called Black Canyon Coffee, doesn’t mean they only do coffee or only drinks. They are a full blown restaurant and if you haven’t eaten here before, you’ll be amazed at how big their menu is and the variety you’ll find inside. A wonderful choice of both Thai and Western food and sometimes a combination of both (like their fusilli dish served with a green curry topping).

         Some nice comfort food in the form of soups, salads and sandwiches are perfect for a quick lunch stop while you’re working your way around Central. But if you’ve been shopping all day and have multiple shopping bags hanging from your arms and shoulders and you feel you’re starting to fade, perhaps you need to go for something more substantial like a steak. But there’s not just a juicy rib eye steak for you, there is also a salmon steak, a pork chop steak, and a chicken steak. They can be served with spaghetti or chips, with some great sauces such as mushroom, cheese or black pepper. This meal might even give you enough energy to head back for the next round of shopping.

         There’s also a variety of pasta dishes. The sauces range from the more traditional to Thai influenced seafood sauces. And there are noodle dishes, rice dishes, a good choice of vegetarian dishes, some spicy salads and if you have room, some traditional Thai desserts and ice cream.

         So don’t dismiss Black Canyon Coffee as a mere coffee shop. It’s so much more than that. Give it a try and we’re sure you’ll agree.


Colleen Setchell


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