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Gastronomic Pleasures

When it comes to attractions on Samui, the fine-dining restaurants are high on the list.


Page-01It’s not the beaches alone. And it’s not just the year-round tropical weather. Neither is it only the wealth of local culture on offer. No, what draws more and more people to Samui every year is the superb fine-dining available at just a fraction of the prices you’d be paying back home.

     Cuisine from almost every nation. World-class chefs. The finest quality locally grown produce, the freshest of seafood (what do you expect, on an island), and the very best imported meats and wine. These are just some of the factors that ake eating out on Samui such an enjoyable occasion.

     And to help you discover the secrets behind the successful restaurants on the island, the articles within Samui Wining & Dining will pull back some of the covers. So, enjoy your stay here and make the most of your dining out

opportunities. The tans will fade, but memories of fabulous nights of gastronomic pleasures will remain forever!


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