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wining - dining 17Fisherman’s Village has a lot to offer. It’s filled with little touristy shops, gift shops, tour and travel agencies and, of course, restaurants. And while it’s jam-packed full when it has the ‘Walking Street Market’ on a Friday night, at other times you can escape the hustle and bustle and enjoy a special meal.

      Grill Bophut is relatively new and sits almost directly opposite its sister restaurant, Krua Bophut, at the quiet western end of Fisherman’s Village. Easy to spot with its vast open, outside dining area and beautifully dressed Thai staff, Grill Bophut is offering its diners something a little different from the more traditional Thai fare found at Krua Bophut.

       Whilst keeping the same traditional, teak wooden styled architecture, Grill Bophut has a modern Thai decor. The two restaurants work well together because Krua Bophut takes a lot of group bookings and sometimes fills up quickly. So now instead of having to turn people away, they can offer an alternative place to dine, with the option of choosing from both menus. The display of fresh seafood on the steps in front of the restaurant might be enough to beckon you inside, but seafood isn’t the only thing on offer - Grill Bophut has four separate menu sections.

      Firstly, their barbecued seafood section. Making the absolute most of their location both on an island and on the coast, Grill Bophut offer a great selection of seafood. Good sized tiger prawns, squid, red snapper or sea bass, and Phuket lobster are all on offer, and the prices are very reasonable for this area. It’s a great way to sample the local seafood. Unable to choose? Try the mixed seafood platter which has a bit of everything. Served with a Thai spicy sauce, this is sure to have your taste buds singing. Some delicious sides are available too, including favourites such as French fries, baked potato and mashed potato, but also some slightly different options such as potato gratin or stir fried potatoes with bacon, all for under 100 baht.

         If you’ve over-indulged in seafood during your time on Samui and are craving something meatier, then perhaps the barbecued meat section will appeal to you. Here you can get your protein dose with things like T-bone steak, beef tenderloin, Australian rib-eye steak, rack of lamb, pork spare ribs, sausages, roasted duck, or pork shank. And considering we’re seeing words such as tenderloin, fillet and rump on the menu, everything in this section is under 1,000 baht - very reasonable.

         The sides served with these dishes are all that little bit different. This is a fine dining experience after all. The T-bone is served with broccoli and sautéed potatoes; the beef tenderloin with green asparagus, baby corn and mashed potatoes; the rib-eye with green asparagus and sautéed potato; the rack of lamb with sautéed bell peppers and baked potatoes; the pork spare ribs and sausage dishes are both served with picked cabbage and braised red cabbage; the roasted duck with bread dumplings and red wine gravy; and the pork shank (which can be roasted or boiled) with picked cabbage and mashed potato. Are you hungry yet?

         Well then, let’s introduce you to the ‘pièce de résistance’ at Grill Bophut - the hot lava stone. First a definition, because you may have heard of the concept, but perhaps not really understood how great it is. Basically, a lava stone is a lump of volcanic rock which is heated to around 400 degrees Celsius, so it’s pretty darn hot. The heated rock is placed on a wooden block and then your meat is placed either directly on the stone or just off the side. You must have seen or heard the sizzling of a lava stone making its way to a diner if you’ve eaten in a steakhouse before? You use the little tongs or fork provided and cook your own meat at the table. There is no worrying about asking the chef for ‘medium with no blood’ or ‘medium-rare’, you can just cook it yourself, exactly how you like it.

         Grill Bophut have a selection of juicy meats available for you to grill on this sizzling lava stone. Beef tenderloin, sirloin rump, pork tenderloin, a mixed meat platter (which consists of pork loin, beef tenderloin and chicken breast), lamb loin and a selection of mixed vegetables. Each chunk of meat is at least 200g so you aren’t going to go hungry, but remember to leave room for dessert. Each meal is served with a selection of sauces (barbecue sauce, Thai sauce and pepper sauce) in little ceramic dishes.

         If you’re dining with friends and you find that half your group want the grilled meat or seafood for dinner and the other half want traditional Thai food, don’t despair. Grill Bophut still offer over 20 Thai dishes (ranging in price from 120 - 300 baht) including all the favourites. There really is something for everyone here.


Colleen Setchell


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