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The Big Splash .

April sees Thailand celebrate its New Year in watery style.


wining - dining 1It’s Songkran! And for you visitors who aren’t familiar with the word, it means just one thing – getting absolutely drenched. What began many years ago as a gentle cleansing ceremony to celebrate the incoming of a fresh new year has now become a massive water-throwing party, in which the entire nation joins in.

     Technically, it’s on the 13th. But today’s fun-loving youth has extended that in various parts of the country to up to one week. On Samui, a few of the younger local kids and over-exuberant male tourists can’t wait for the big day and will start soaking people the day before, so be warned. But, usually it’s all over and done with on the day.

     It’s great fun, but if you are going to join in (and it’s impossible not to, unless you stay indoors all day), do try to be a bit gentle, especially if you are splashing motorcyclists. A small drop of water at 10 kilometres an hour can feel like a stone. Even the police will take part, whilst being careful to keep their guns protected in plastic bags.

    And, as with any country celebrating their new year, there are lots of festivities going on with much wining and dining, and a great time being had by all. So, get out there, get wet, enjoy the occasion, and have a very Happy Thai New Year.


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