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Krua Bophut takes the stain out of having to choose.


Page12-13Let’s face it, Thai food is delicious. The fresh ingredients, coupled with the tangy lime or lemongrass flavours, the spiciness of the chilli and the flavoursome garlic, it’s a favourite the world over.

      But have you ever been in that awful situation when you’re sitting in a beautiful beachside restaurant staring at the menu in front of you and not knowing where to start? Will it be green or red curry tonight? Chicken or pork? Will you eat soup or not? Rice or noodles? Will you try a new vegetable dish or opt for something spicier than usual? It can be a nightmare. But Krua Bophut restaurant, at the western end of Fisherman’s Village, have made life easy for you and offer two set menus, giving you not only a great selection of dishes but also a variety of tastes, textures and presentation.

      But first let’s tell you a little bit about Krua Bophut itself. A beautiful teak traditional Thai-style building, it’s hard to miss. It often looks quiet because of the lack of patrons seen in the restaurant when you walk past and peek through the open wooden shutters. But the guests dining here are all in the best spot - out on the terrace or down on the beach. Set back from the public beach so you can still eat in private, you can wiggle your toes in the sand here while trying to decide what you’re going to eat.

      Beautiful, relaxing music is played, but you can still hear the sound of the waves lapping on the sand. The table decorations of glass vases with candles, sand and shells remind you where you are, and the fire lanterns on the beach create a wonderful calm oasis. Tall coconut trees sway gently overhead and you really feel as if you’re sitting in a tropical garden.

     But now onto the part you’ve been waiting for … the food. So you’re having a hard time deciding? If you’re already familiar with Krua Bophut’s main menu, you will know that are you incredibly spoilt for choice. They have wonderful seafood options, a large selection of meat dishes and some interesting salads but all this makes it even harder to choose, so perhaps skip the stress and head straight to the two set menus that they offer, Special Menu A and Special Menu B. There you go, just two choices, isn’t that a bit easier?

      Both menus include a further relief from having to make more choices - ‘Bo Phut Kitchen selection of appetisers’ which is two deliciously fat, juicy prawns in a light, crunchy batter; two freshly cooked spring rolls filled with crunchy, grated vegetables; two medium-sized squares of fried chicken toasts; two helpings of calamari and prawn wrapped in rice paper and lastly, two little dim sum parcels of pork. A delicious helping of crunchy, crispy, tasty appetisers.

       On to the rest of the dishes, and let’s start with Set Menu A. After enjoying your appetiser, you can move on to the tom yam goong soup. Tom yam is a traditional hot and sour soup made with lemon grass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, dried chillies and lime juice. When you see the word ‘goong’ on a menu in Thailand, it means the dish will contain prawns. So this is a deliciously hot and spicy soup with prawns. If you’d prefer something less spicy, do ask and they will do their best to accommodate you.

         Next is the fresh, citrusy som tum salad. This is made with grated green papaya, chopped tomatoes, chopped green beans and dried shrimp. The dressing is a true taste of Thailand made from lime, garlic and palm sugar. Lastly a sprinkling of peanuts and you’re good to go. Thailand on a plate.

         Next a mild green curry with chicken and baby eggplant. Green curry is made with coconut milk, green chillies and Thai basil. Don’t let the chillies put you off, it’s not known for being an overly spicy dish and is, in fact, full of flavour. It also contains baby aubergines which will add to your daily vegetable intake nicely.

         Next, the fish dish which is stir-fried white snapper with three spices. Krua Bophut take pride in their fish dishes so you’re sure not to be disappointed. Hopefully you still have space for dessert in the form of coconut ice cream - after all, you are on an island filled with coconut trees.

         Or you can opt for Set Menu B. Starting again with the ‘Bo Phut Kitchen selection of appetisers’ which we described above, it moves on to another very traditional Thai soup but this time, it’s tom kha gai, which is a chicken soup made with coconut milk and Thai herbs and can be mild or spicy. Next a nice light salad of fresh vegetables - cucumber, tomatoes, onions, grated carrots, shredded cabbage with the ever-beautiful vegetable carved decorations for which Thailand is so well known.

         Prepare yourself now because it’s time for your delicious main courses of roasted duck curry, and the ever popular stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts. Duck is not that common on the island’s menus, but this dish is a quintessential mix between Thai (curry) and Chinese (roasted duck) cuisines. The meat works deliciously well in a curry with Thai spices making this a tasty, succulent dish.

         The stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts is a firm favourite in Thai restaurants all over the world and actually comes from a Sichuan style fried chicken dish.

         And finally, some banana fritters for dessert, if you have space.

         So there you have it, if you start off having difficulty choosing just one dish to indulge in, go for the set menu and enjoy six different dishes and get a real taste of Thailand, thanks to Krua Bophut.

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Colleen Setchell


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