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Boncafe has a reputation for supplying quality beverage products to the hospitality industry.


Page-8Making a great cup of coffee or coffee-based drink doesn’t have to be hard work. Product developers at Boncafe know how important it is for coffee shop staff to make an order as efficiently as possible, so as not to keep a customer waiting, but at the same time, providing a top-quality drink. The company is constantly sourcing new ways to help customers, by supplying both efficient machines as well as products to make delicious beverages without the fuss.

      Firstly, a little background on the company. Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd. is a leading Thai-Swiss gourmet coffee manufacturer and exporter, and a provider of coffee and tea products to the restaurant and hotel industry, as well as to the general public. With head offices in Bangkok, a factory in Sri Racha, Chonburi, several branches in the main provincial hubs as well as supplying ten supermarket chains, this popular brand of Thai coffee is available throughout the nation.

      The company has evolved its product range over the years, and now sells more than just coffee and machines. Unusual and delicious drinks will help your coffee shop stand out from the crowd and draw regular customers too. The Torani range of syrups and sauces is imported from California especially for Boncafe, and is delicious not only as flavouring for coffees, shakes and

smoothies, but also to decorate milk froth or as a topping for desserts and cakes.

       Again, Boncafe has an interesting selection of recipes on how to use the syrups. Here we’re highlighting the Torani sauces, which come in three variations: white chocolate (a perfect blend of sugar, milk and cocoa butter), caramel (with a rich, creamy caramel taste) and dark chocolate (intense and rich, it’s indispensable for hot chocolate and iced mocha creations). All three flavours add a delicious twist to a plain cup of coffee. Torani is one of those quick and simple solutions used by coffee houses around the world to bring in regular customers wanting their favourite flavoured coffee. The product is easy to use and comes in a pump dispenser, perfectly releasing a 30ml portion to either hot or cold drinks, guaranteeing consistency to every cup you serve.

      Of course, they meet the high Boncafe standards, and are made from top quality ingredients, such as cocoa from the Netherlands, fresh cream and top grade butter. If you’re keen to try them at home or in your restaurant, pick up a recipe book at the Boncafe outlet, as well as a bottle of one of the delicious Torani sauces, and start experimenting with your own combinations too. Or, you can try one of these tried and tested recipes, which are beginner friendly, yet still interesting enough for those familiar with using coffee sauces:

    Caramel Frother Latte
• One shot espresso
• 15ml Torani Caramel Sauce
• 15ml Torani Vanilla Syrup
• 150ml fresh milk
Steam the milk, adding the sauce and syrup. Add the shot of
espresso and top with frothed milk.
Butterscotch Mocha
• One shot espresso
• 30ml Torani Dark Chocolate Sauce
• 10ml Torani Butterscotch Syrup
• 150ml fresh milk
Steam milk, sauce and syrup together and pour into a tall glass,
adding the shot of freshly brewed espresso. Top with a layer of
frothed milk.
White Chocolate Iced Mocha
• One shot espresso
• 30ml Torani White Chocolate Sauce
• 75ml fresh milk
• One cup crushed ice
• Whipped cream and Lyons Designer Chocolate Sauce for
Combine espresso, milk, Torani sauce together and pour into a glass
filled with the crushed ice. Stir well, and decorate with the cream
and chocolate sauce.

       Well if the sound of those recipes has got your taste buds tingling, you’ll be pleased to know that Boncafe frequently provides free workshops. In this way, they can demonstrate their products with suggested recipes, and ensure that the baristas are making the most of what’s on offer at Boncafe. The next workshop to be held on 12th March 2014, will highlight the Torani sauces, and will take place at the Samui branch of Boncafe, along the ring-road in Bophut, just past the PTT fuel station when heading towards Maenam. The workshop promises to be very informative, so call the store to reserve your place. Attendees will be shown how to make a perfect cup of coffee, and there’ll be demonstrations on making speciality coffees and drinks using the Torani products imported from the USA.

         Of course, these great sauces and syrups need to be used with premium coffee to get the best results. Boncafe has a reputation for only providing premium beans. Not only is the coffee good, but Boncafe is UTZ certified, meaning that they only source their beans from sustainable farms that provide better opportunities for the farmers and their families. Farmers are educated in growing better crops in order to generate more income, while at the same time, safeguarding the environment for the future. Knowing this makes the coffee taste even better, so why not try one of their delicious speciality coffees – but be warned, you may just get hooked.


Rosanne Turner


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