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A Quiet Passage

The Terrace offers a tranquil beachside spot to enjoy delicious seafood dishes.


Page-7From the minute you turn off the ring-road on the north western tip of the island, you know you’re heading somewhere quiet. The Passage Samui Villas & Resort pride themselves on being ‘tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the island’, and when viewing their location, you’re inclined to use words like calm, quiet, secluded, remote, peaceful, private, romantic, restful and still. But the tranquillity of this resort is very real. Close your eyes and hear the birds in the trees and the sound of gentle waves. This really is an escape.

      Their beachfront dining restaurant, The Terrace, offers both Thai and International cuisine with a special focus on seafood. It has breath-taking sunset views, and is so close to the sea that at certain times of the day, they can’t even have tables on the sand! Yes, this really is beachside dining.

      We spoke to Food and Beverage Manager, Slavo Hus, who showed us the lunch and dinner menus. Available from 11:00 am, the lunch menu offers sandwiches (all served with salad and French fries), burgers, soups, pizza, pasta and salads, all for less than 350 baht. The Passage Club Sandwich (with smoked chicken, egg, bacon, ham, cheddar cheese, tomato, onion and mayo) is one of their signature dishes, as well as the Terrace Burger (a homemade

ground beef burger in a sesame bun, onion, iceberg lettuce, tomato and mayo); the Seafood Pizza (prawns, squid and mussels with tomato paste, mozzarella cheese and oregano); and the especially good Shrimp Avocado Salad (a mixed green salad, shrimp and avocado sauce). If you prefer Thai food, there’s a great selection of the popular dishes, for example, chicken satay; stir-fried rice or noodles; tom yum (hot and spicy clear broth); tom kha gai (creamy coconut soup); and massaman curry (a Malaysian influenced curry with potatoes)

      But where The Terrace really comes into its own is with its location. Completely open on three sides with a fantastically high ceiling and a beautiful, intricate wrought iron sculpture hanging on the only wall, it’s a beautiful open space where each table has sea views. The dinner menu is available from 5:00 pm but if you arrive earlier, pull up a chair, order from their cocktail menu (they have six signature cocktails!) and sit back and wait for the sunset.

      Besides the starters, soups and pasta dishes, the dinner menu has an extensive seafood selection. But first let’s talk about their two main seafood signature dishes, the ‘Surf and Turf Eclipse Plate’ and the ‘Ocean Meeting Plate’. There is a reason why they have chosen to include the weight of the food served, this surf and turf has a 500g rib-eye steak (served with fries and red wine/pepper sauce) and not one, but two whole grilled rock lobsters (served with baked potato and vegetables with garlic lemon butter sauce). Yes, you’ve guessed it, this dish is to share … recommended but not compulsory.

      The ‘Ocean Meeting Plate’ is exactly what it says - seafood meeting on your plate. A 200g white snapper fillet, salmon, tuna, grilled scallops, king prawns, mussels and rock lobster, all served with a mixed green salad, fried rice and vegetables with garlic lemon butter sauce, tartar sauce or spicy sweet and sour sauce.

       There are three different red snapper dishes to choose from (one of which is another signature dish), each coming with an incredible 800g portion of the succulent fish. If you’d prefer a set menu, ‘The Terrace Sunset Set Dinner’ for two offers the shrimp avocado salad, lobster bisque soup, lobster thermidor, and apple strudel for dessert. Or perhaps something a little different is the ‘Twin Deep Sea Plate’ which is a 500g portion of Phuket lobster served with vegetables and scallops, in a tomato sauce with fettuccini and parmesan cheese.

         Then you’ll find further signature dishes of Pan-fried White Snapper Fillet; Rock Lobster Mediterranean; Grilled Rock Lobster with Thai herbs; Pork Chop with rice salad risotto and mixed fried vegetables; grilled New Zealand lamb chop with baked potato and mint sauce; and finally the delicious Ossobucco (veal shanks in a red wine gravy sauce with carrots, shallots and a baked potato). If you’ve eaten seafood for the last few nights and fancy something land-based, the ‘Trio Monster Plate’ with a pork chop, lamb chop and beef tenderloin should sort that craving out pretty quick.

         The Thai menu also makes the most of the fresh seafood, with shrimp salad (yam som ou); stir-fried flat noodles with shrimp (phad see-iew); steamed sea bass with plum, pork belly, shitake and spring onions (pla noung buay); deep fried sea bass with tomato, pineapple, onion, capsicum, spring onions and sweet and sour sauce (pla priaw wan); and stir-fried soft shell crab (poo nim kratam prik tai).

         And don’t even get us started on the selection of fresh desserts beckoning from the chiller cabinet at the entrance to the restaurant. They’ve also got a gas stove for doing some very special flambé desserts.

         But wait, there’s more, they have themed nights with what we can only described as unbelievable prices. Monday is ‘Catch of the Day’ where you can get sea bass, salmon, barracuda, tuna, red/white snapper, tiger prawns, blue crab and New Zealand mussels for crazy prices. If I told you that the 500g whole sea bass is 300 baht, would you believe me? (And there’s even a complimentary salad bar)

         Thursdays is ‘Asian Cuisine’ and we’re talking the ‘whole’ of Asia here, Thailand, Japan, China, and Korea. It’s a buffet style ‘all you can eat’ for just 790 baht, and finally on Saturdays there’s the ‘Meat Lover’ night where you can indulge in all things meaty with prices less than 500 baht (and the weights range from 200g - 1.2kg!) and again a complimentary salad bar.

         The Terrace really has so much to offer. Besides a truly peaceful location, you could stay here for one week and never ever have to eat the same dish … unless, of course, you want to.

         And the biggest surprise? All the prices mentioned here and on the menu already include government taxes and service charges. All you need to do is arrive, relax, and enjoy the peace and quiet, the view and the food.


Colleen Setchell


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