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Clubbing Together for Great Service

The staff at Buri Rasa’s Beach Club ensure great value for money.


Page-17When you hear the word ‘club’, what do you think of? If you're on Samui, your mind will probably conjure up images of beach clubs with their white Ibiza-themed decor, music to match and a small space to squeeze onto your sun lounger and get your daily dose of sun worshipping, with a loud, party atmosphere complete with bikinis and cocktails. Or perhaps your mind creates a nightclub with glitzy outfits, a DJ and buckets of drinks? But maybe you prefer a quieter experience; maybe your definition of a club is ‘an association dedicated to a particular interest or activity’ like relaxing, for instance. Or maybe a club is ‘an organisation offering members social amenities, meals, and temporary residence’ like swimming, breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner? A club can also be classed as ‘a group of people or nations having something in common.’ And that is exactly what Buri Rasa Beach Club is. People travel from all over the world to relax and spend their precious vacation time here because they know they're in good hands.

      Described as a ‘Garden of Eden’, Buri Rasa is indeed a tranquil oasis and exactly what people are looking for when they plan to get away from it all. Their beach front and poolside ‘Beach Club’ was given its name long before today’s trendy definition was formed, and what makes this all different is their approach to customer service and value for money.

       Most of Buri Rasa’s staff are long serving, and at least 50% of them have been there longer than three years and some have even been there over seven years. Their training is completely customer focussed and all staff have authority to deal with complaints directly, not that it happens often if TripAdvisor and are anything to go by:

      “The staff were always friendly and sweet.”

“Service was excellent and consistently friendly.”

“... found the team outstanding.”

“...the team here are the best we have ever seen.”

“Ice takes the time out of her very busy day to check all guests are having a great time and remembers everyone’s name.”

“The staff were all amazing.”

“I have to make a special mention about the staff. They go above and beyond to make your stay as good as it can possibly be.”


      Perhaps it’s the ‘Employee of the Month’ and ‘Employee of the Year’ awards that spur them on. The incentives are certainly worth working towards – the employee of the year not only receives a gold necklace, but also a 3-night stay in a resort in Thailand with 5,000 baht spending money. Out of the last five employees to win the monthly title, two have been from the food and beverage team. Perhaps it’s just that they have a system that works and keeps customers coming back year after year. They have many repeat guests, and while we were talking to General Manager, Bernd Schillig, a group greeted him that apparently comes twice a year. That speaks volumes.

      The Beach Club restaurant is open from 7:00 am and the 12 staff that are available to serve you from breakfast to dinner are managed by Khun Chart, who has been with Buri Rasa for five years and knows his guests well. Throwing down a challenge, we point to a customer enjoying his book by the pool. “Room 22, from Australia,” he answers. Berndt checks and confirms he’s correct. I’m speechless. If the staff can remember such details, it’s no wonder they remember exactly what to do to please their customers time and time again.

       If you’ve had enough of lounging around the pool or on the beach, the beach bar is staffed from 11:00 am - 11:00 pm and happy hour is from 5:00 pm - 7:00 pm. There is a ‘Buy one, get one free’ on almost everything except wine, some beers and champagne. Another deal making yet more customers happy.

         The management at Buri Rasa are well aware of the ever-increasing prices of travel and holidays, so are always looking for ways to give their customers better value for money. At 3:30 pm you’ll notice some hustle and bustle as ‘Afternoon Tea’ is prepared. A table with a coffee machine, hot water urn and various mini sandwiches and cookies is laid out as a complimentary treat for guests. Maybe an afternoon cappuccino or English breakfast tea is just what you need. You can drink and eat as much as you want until 5:00 pm and, of course, the staff are on hand to help.

         If you spend a lot of time out by the pool or on the beach, you’ll probably know Khun Arm, the Beach Supervisor. He has an unlimited capacity for remembering not only people’s names and room numbers, but also what their orders are. He’s been known to remember this information for guests who returned to the resort over a year later. If that’s not great customer service, I don’t know what is. Khun Arm has been with Buri Rasa for eight years now and is one of the longest serving staff members. He clearly loves his job and keeping guests happy.

         Starting from next year, the non-alcoholic drinks in the rooms’ minibars will be free of charge too. Another attempt to make sure that the guests have not only a great experience but also feel they are getting excellent value for money. Complimentary afternoon tea, buy one get one free drinks and no charge for soft drinks in the minibars. That all sounds like great value to me.


Colleen Setchell


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