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Krua Bophut offers a fine dining experience.


19You don’t have to go far on Samui to enjoy dining on the beach. It seems as if every beach around the island has some sort of resort, hotel or restaurant that has claimed a spot and laid out chairs, tables, loungers, bean bags or even blankets. After all, most people come to here to enjoy the beach so why not enjoy your dinner there too?

      Fisherman’s Village in Bophut is home to the Friday night walking street market where you can browse the various market stalls and buy anything from watches, clothes, music speakers and carved soap to spare ribs, deep fried insects and bugs, satay chicken, pies or mango and sticky rice or drink some insanely cheap cocktails.

      The pumping music, the constant chatter, the street vendors trying to lure you in to view their goods - the atmosphere is alive and there is a lot going on. But what happens when you’ve walked the street, bought your souvenirs and are ready to sit down and enjoy a quiet meal on the beach? Do you have to travel far to get away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd? No, the place we’re talking about is not only on the beach, but also on the main street of Fisherman’s Village, so it’s really easy to find.

      You’ve probably passed Krua Bophut many times. It is situated at the far western end of Fisherman’s Village, with its own car park conveniently opposite. It has large dark wood shutters which open out onto the street, and a beautifully carved arched entrance. But stand back and take in the whole beautiful, dark wooden structure and you will see a classical antique Thai house.

       The waitresses will greet you with a traditional Thai wai, dressed in their beautifully tailored Thai dresses and give you a warm, welcoming smile before asking you where you’d like to sit.

      You have a choice of three dining areas, one they refer to as ‘the ambient, serene indoor’, the ‘expanded outdoor’ which is more like a garden terrace and lastly, yes you guessed it, a dining area on the beach. Well actually, they’ve gone one better. Instead of being ‘on’ the beach, they’ve filled their lower level with beach sand and set up a dining area there so you get the feeling you’re on the beach and feel the sand between your toes, but you’re still able to enjoy a little privacy from the people taking an evening stroll along the public beach.

         Pretty glass vases with sand, candles and various delights from the sea are on each table and add to the soft ambiance; traditional Thai music is piped gently through speakers hidden in the trees. The palm trees sway above you, the gentle sea breeze caresses your sun-kissed face - you are truly in an ideal spot.

         Being a restaurant on the beach, they pride themselves on offering some incredible seafood dishes, and looking at their menu, you’re really spoilt for choice. Their southern Thai menu has been described as a ‘treasure trove of authentic Thai cuisine prepared in classic style’.

         Prawns, red snapper, barracuda, crab and white snapper feature prominently on the menu, and can be prepared and served in a manner of different ways. Using traditional Thai ingredients such as lime, lemongrass, Thai basil, chilli, garlic, coriander and many more, you can rest assured it will always be tasty and delicious. You can easily request the dishes to be prepared ‘not spicy’ but they’re equally happy making them ‘spicy’ if this is what you prefer.

         But what they believe makes their menu so unique is that they offer alternatives from the normal ‘run-of-the-mill’ dishes that every Thai restaurant in Thailand seems to offer. Tourists are often reassured to find familiar dishes on Thai restaurant menus and that is perfectly understandable, but at Krua Bophut, they want guests to experience a whole host of different Thai dishes.

         As well as an impressive number of duck dishes, the ‘Steamed White Snapper with lemon and chilli sauce’ and the ‘Deep-fried White Jumbo Prawn in tamarind sauce’ come highly recommended, as does the highly addictive ‘Deep-fried banana served with honey and ice-cream’. The snapper is cooked in a variety of ways including stir-fried with three spices, deep fried with turmeric, and served topped with green curry. The jumbo prawns can also be enjoyed with garlic and pepper and even their signature dish has deliciously succulent prawns as a main ingredient.

         So you seemingly have everything you need here. An outstanding location on the beach; the beauty of traditional Thai architecture; friendly and attentive staff, and a selection of freshly prepared seafood.

         What a fantastic way to experience Thailand and its wonderful cuisine.


Colleen Setchell


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