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To celebrate 23 years in the industry, Boncafe is giving back to the community in November.


17Although it’s Boncafe’s birthday in November, they are the ones giving away the gifts, rather than receiving them. So if you’re an avid coffee lover, or planning on entering the coffee shop market, read on.

      Firstly, a little background on the company. Boncafe (Thailand) Ltd. is a leading Thai-Swiss gourmet coffee manufacturer and exporter, as well as being a provider of coffee and tea products to the restaurant and hotel industry, as well as to the general public. With head offices in Bangkok, a factory in Sri Racha, Chonburi, several branches in the main provincial hubs as well as supplying ten supermarket chains, this popular brand of Thai coffee is available throughout the country.

      Boncafe sources all of its coffee beans locally from Thailand’s two main coffee-producing areas. The 'Red Earth' of southern Thailand is home to the Robusta plantations, while Thai Arabica is grown in the 'Misty Mountains' plantations in Northern Thailand.

      Boncafe is UTZ certified, meaning that they only source their beans from sustainable farms that provide better opportunities for the farmers and their families. Farmers are educated in growing better crops in order to generate more income, while at the same time, safeguarding the environment for the future.

       In November, Boncafe is celebrating 23 years in the industry, and to say a big thank you to their loyal supporters and customers, they’re offering several specials throughout the month. The first promotion is free workshop entitled, ‘How to Open a Coffee Shop’, and it’s to be held on 15th November at the Samui branch of Boncafe, along the ring-road in Bophut, heading towards Maenam. The two hour workshop promises to be very informative. Attendees will be shown how to make a perfect cup of coffee, and there’ll be demonstrations on making speciality coffees using the many products on offer at Boncafe. All participants will also be entitled to discounts, on not only coffee machines, but also the vast selection of other Boncafe products. They’ll be trained in recipes and how best to use the coffees, teas, fruit juices and syrups, so be sure to book your place in advance should you be interested in the art of the barista.

      Boncafe has evolved its product range over the years, and the company now sells more than just coffee and machines. The powdered iced tea is delicious mixed with water or soda, and Boncafe can provide recipes on how to make specialised versions, such as the ‘Milky Peach Pearl Tea’, or the ‘Lemon Tea Frappe’. Drinks such as these will help your coffee shop stand out from the crowd and draw regular customers too. If you’re keen to try them at home, pick up a recipe book as well as a tin of their iced tea, and start experimenting with your own combinations.

         The Torani range of syrups is imported from California especially for Boncafe, and is delicious not only as flavouring for coffees, shakes and smoothies, but also to decorate milk froth or as a topping for desserts and cakes. Again, Boncafe has an interesting selection of recipes on how to use the syrups, and the staff encourage their customers to be creative too.

         Boncafe’s recipes inside their free Bitter/Sweet publication also offer suggestions on how to use coffee in cooking. For a different take on pork, try the ‘pork tenderloin coated with coffee and thyme, served with a porcini sauce’.

         A chat to Samui Branch Manager, Khun Tom revealed that one of her favourite Boncafe Torani syrup recipes is the ‘Dragon in Love Smoothie’. And as a sample of the great recipes on offer, here it is:


  • 25ml Torani Strawberry Syrup
  • 25ml Torani Vanilla Syrup
  • 15ml strawberry yoghurt
  • 60ml fresh milk
  • ¼ of a fresh pink dragon fruit
  • 1 cup of crushed ice


Combine all the ingredients together and put into a blender. Add the crushed ice, and blend well. Serve in a glass, topped with a fanned strawberry and a wedge of pink dragon fruit. Delicious!

         Aside from the free workshop, Boncafe is also offering other promotions in November in celebration of the company’s birthday. On 22nd November, customers can buy unlimited amounts of coffee products at a 10% discount, and non-coffee products are on special at 20% off, on this day only. Each Friday during November (that’s 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th), customers will receive big discounts on selected models of coffee machines, with demonstrations on how the machines work on all Fridays barring the 22nd, as they’ll be busy with the workshop.

         So in support of a coffee company that supports the community, why not try one of their delicious speciality coffees – but be warned, you may just get hooked.


Rosanne Turner


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