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Latte Art

As winners of the National Thailand Barista Championship,you’ll find a work of art in every cappuccino at Black Canyon.


21Milk foam designs, known amongst baristas as ‘latte art’, are artistic patterns created in the foam of coffee drinks such as cappuccinos and lattes. And as with many arts, this concept originated in Italy. But it’s quickly spread around the world, including to here in Thailand, where the baristas at Black Canyon coffee houses have been taught this slight-of-hand skill.

      Khun Auchalee Kiriativittayanan is the owner of the Black Canyon franchises on Samui, and opened her first branch in 2003, so there’s no doubt she knows about coffee. Khun Wongchan Jinawong, general manager of the Samui stores, ensures all branches keep up the good name of the franchise, and that all baristas are skilfully trained in keeping with that barista championship award.

      Currently, you can enjoy Black Canyon coffee and meals at two locations, namely the Tesco Lotus centres in both Chaweng and Lamai. Khun Auchalee believes in convenient locations, and that means a shopping area with plenty of parking. The Chaweng branch will be renovated soon, but more exciting is the coming of a third branch in the much anticipated Central Festival Samui mall, currently under construction near Chaweng Lake and due to open in March/April 2014. This new 107 square metre store will be in keeping with

the brand’s décor and style of comfortable seating – both sofas and upright traditional dining tables in a modern, air-conditioned setting that also offers free Wi-Fi. So keep this in mind as a great place to rest weary legs after a day of shopping and exploring the new mall.

      Who doesn’t like a good deal? Well, worthy of a mention is the Black Canyon member card, available for 249 baht. This gives you 10% cash or a 5% credit card discount on everything barring beer and cake (an interesting combination). You’ll also get one free Black Canyon iced coffee or iced chocolate and a shopping bag, as well as 1,500 baht worth of Black Canyon discount coupons – now that’s 249 baht well spent. And you’ve plenty of time to use the vouchers, as the card is valid for 18 months.

       Not that you need a discount voucher to enjoy a meal or drink at Black Canyon, as the prices are reasonable to begin with. Few venues have as wide a selection as Black Canyon. In fact, the choice is so great that you’ll have to check out the menu yourself, and it’s an attractive menu at that. Little anecdotes keep you reading on further, long after you’ve made your choice, so hang on to the menu after you’ve placed your order. For example, you can read about ‘the benefits of coffee’ or ‘the origin of chocolate’. There’s a ‘tea story’ or a ‘coffee legend’ too in case you want some reading material while you sip your steaming (or iced) refreshment.

         No matter your taste, Black Canyon has a drink for you – from the Italian-style cappuccinos, espressos and lattes and Americano black coffee as well as an assortment of hot and iced teas. But if you fancy trying something different, why not a drink with an Asian twist. Now while the ‘red bean cha Thai frappe’ or the ‘red bean green tea frappe’ may not be to everyone’s liking, most people enjoy the unique flavour of Thai iced tea, with or without milk – it’s quite a bit stronger than English tea, so works well with milk for iced tea. Those avoiding caffeine might try the ‘green tea frappe, or ‘iced green tea latte’. There’s also a wide selection of chocolate-based drinks, both hot and cold, for the chocoholics as well as fresh fruit juices, fruit shakes and smoothies made with fruit and yoghurt for those on a health kick.

         Food also features prominently at Black Canyon, but this is not just a ‘cake and coffee’ joint – Black Canyon has an extensive menu, both Asian and Western, ranging from breakfasts through to dinner. Choose from soups and salads, and even fresh fish dishes too. A light salad is just what you need to refuel during a shopping expedition when you don’t want a heavy meal, such as Black Canyon’s caesar salad, grilled black pepper salmon salad or apple salad with crispy prawn, to mention but a few. The chain runs various promotions from time to time, so keep an eye open for these.

         Black Canyon is a popular brand throughout Thailand, largely due to the fact that you know what you are getting when you go there – high standards, reasonable prices, good food and coffee in a modern, comfortable setting. What more do you want from a coffee house?


Rosanne Turner


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