Samui Wining & Dining
October Delights

Samui has a lot to offer those who are prepared to gamble with the weather.


1As visitor numbers fall during October and November, those who prefer to visit during off-peak times are rewarded with low season specials and quieter venues. And often, the heavens will open up for only a short time, with skies clearing again as fast as they darkened. Of course, just because it’s raining, doesn’t mean it’s cold, so if you find a covered beachside restaurant, you can still enjoy the views and watch the rain while enjoying your meal.

     Have you heard of razor clams? Neither had we, but you can find out more in this issue. You can also read about how fruit and vegetables are used in the island’s spa treatments, and discover how to enjoy that Thai staple dish – noodle soup. As usual, we’ve visited a few restaurants and bring you the best of what the island has to offer, food wise. In ‘Going Native’, we chow down with the locals at Krua Chao Baan, and learn a little about Indian cooking at the Noori India Cooking School.

    So grab a drink, get comfortable and turn the page to find out more about Samui’s culinary scene, from the tempting signature dish at The Farmer, to The Palate, an exciting new venue in Lamai.


 Happy reading and happy eating!


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