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16Would you willingly choose to eat chemicals? Do you really know what’s in the pesticides that are used on the crops that eventually end up on your dinner table? What if you had a choice? What if you could eat food that you knew hadn’t come into contact with anything synthetic or toxic, and that had been grown in a natural environment free from chemicals? The truth is you can - with Pura Organic.

      So what is ‘organic’? The term has been thrown around for many years, but do you know what it actually means? There are various definitions around but basically the term is used when referring to farming or food, and means that nothing synthetic, such as pesticides or chemical fertilisers have been used anywhere near that food. When your body isn’t trying to process, filter and eliminate chemicals, it’s better able to use the nutrients in that food.

      Ironically, the term ‘organic’ when used scientifically, refers to any class of molecules that contain carbon, so everything that is edible, including most pesticides and toxins, is also organic. Therefore the term is somewhat

incorrectly applied to farming and food production, but is used nonetheless. It is a heavily regulated industry and most countries will require producers to obtain a special certification before labelling and marketing food as ‘organic’ within that country’s borders.

      Pura Organic Foods Ltd is located on Phuket and is managed by Martin Smetsers. Originally from Rotterdam, Martin grew up enjoying and appreciating organic produce from a local farm. He told us that organic food has had a place in his life ever since, and from his experience and knowledge it certainly sounds like Pura Organic is in very good hands. He is passionate about all things organic and will happily answer any questions you have or explain any concept you’re unfamiliar with. He talks about organic produce with obvious passion, “Eating organic eases the energy required for the digestive system, liver, kidneys etc., allowing this energy to be used to heal and make you feel better.” Sounds good to me!

      Pura Organic started two and a half years ago. The first year and a half was spent sourcing the best possible products to fit in with their mission statement and ethos. They are now associated with a certified organic farm and resort, Thanyamundra in Khao Sok, and they buy the farms’ entire production. The farm itself started over six years ago and is now well-established. They produce organic vegetables, herbs and fruits and also organic chicken and therefore organic eggs. The chickens are all free-range, and only ready for consumption after six months when they are lean and an ideal weight for eating. You won’t find any growth hormones or antibiotics here - just 100% natural, tasty chicken. They also stock organic milk, yoghurts, unsalted butter and many super-foods which are normally very hard to come by in local supermarkets. Some of their bestselling organic products are their lettuce, wild rocket, tomatoes, passion fruit and eggs.

      They offer a home delivery service for private clients and deliver regularly to Samui in the form of a ‘Weekly Seasonal Fresh Organic Box’. You have a choice between medium and large boxes. Offered at a discount from the shop prices, these boxes are filled with a selection of seasonal organic produce such as vegetables, fruits and herbs and you even have the chance to add milk, yoghurt, chicken or eggs. During the high season, products are delivered by air and during the low season, all deliveries come by road.

       Understanding their customers and today’s focus on weight loss and detox, they have recently introduced a new range of juicers and blenders. This is an ideal way for everyone to introduce more fruits, herbs and vegetables into their diet. They offer a ‘Juice Box’ which is a slight variation on the vegetable and fruit boxes and contains products that work particularly well for juicing. You might find some surprises in there when you read about pak choy, asparagus, sweet potato and radish!

      Pura Organic now has over 90 suppliers of both fresh and dried products and over 1,000 organic products in their database. They travel all over Thailand trying to discover dedicated organic farmers with an organic heart and mind to act as new suppliers.

         Because demand for organic produce is increasing in Thailand, Pura have a growing number of clients on Samui. Hotels, spas, health centres, health shops and restaurants that recognise the nutritional and health benefits of organic food, not to mention the taste, are starting to buy more and more. Even chefs are praising the taste, saying things like ‘it is like back home’. If an experienced chef can taste the difference, then you know it’s got to be good!

         Pura do regular business with ten major resorts on the island and are actively involved in promoting the health (and taste) benefits of organic food. They recently sponsored some events of the Samui Culinary Circle which gave more companies a chance to be introduced to their products.

         Why not give them a try and discover for yourself just how easy it is to enjoy quality organic food.


Colleen Setchell


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