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Holiday Heaven

Samui's a popular summer holiday destination, for many good reasons.


1August has arrived, and this is the time when top holiday destinations around the world receive an influx of families from northern hemisphere countries whilst their children are on a long summer break. And here on Samui it’s no different, with a large number of visitors, particularly Italians, choosing to spend their vacation on our wonderful little tropical island. But whoever you are, you’ll be made to feel most welcome by the locals with their renowned hospitality and you’re all guaranteed to have a great time.

     The fact that you’ve picked up this newspaper either means that you’re genuinely interested in what Samui has to offer in the wining and dining arena or that you’re stuck in a waiting room of some sort with nothing else to do! Either way, you’re sure to have a good read as you find out all about the island’s vibrant culinary scene. And, who knows, if you’ve had no interest in food before (other than filling your stomach with it a various times throughout the day) you might just discover some particular featured restaurant which takes your eye and converts you into a ‘foodie’ like the rest of us.

    Yes, August’s a great time to be here on Samui, and especially so if you love eating out in some of the world’s finest restaurants at a fraction of the price you’d be paying back home.


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