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We highlight some of the more curious events of the month of July.


1st - This was the day, in 2010, that Malaysian Han Besaw saved her husband from a tiger by driving it off with a soup ladle. He was out hunting when his wife heard his screams and went to the rescue.

2nd – Memorable tunes? This was the day, in 1920, that the unforgettable favourite, ‘Chili Bean’ was recorded by ‘Frank Crumit and the Paul Biese Trio’.

3rd – On this day, in 1970, Ray Davis of The Kinks flew to New York and back simply to legally alter one word in one of his songs. He was forced to change ‘Coca Cola’ to ‘Cherry Cola’ due to an advertising ban on the BBC!

4th – This was the day, in 1999, that ‘Posh Spice’ – aka Victoria Adams – married footballer, David Beckham, thus creating a partnership reported to be jointly worth £115 million.

5th – Tupperware on the beach? This was the day, in 1946, that French designer, Louis Réard, named his new two-piece swimsuit after the atomic tests on Bikini Atoll. Just as well, really, as Tupperware had also just been invented!

6th – English police in Paignton, Devon, said they were trying to identify a bus passenger, recorded by a CCTV camera defacing his leather seat, on this day just a year ago. Police said footage from the bus recorded the man biting a chunk out of the seat, causing about £200 worth of damage.

7th – Would you believe it? Today is National Junk Food Day in the USA!

8th – Disaster struck Barnum & Bailey’s Circus on this day, in 1944, when fire-eaters set the big-top ablaze causing 160 deaths. It was later revealed that the canvas had been cleverly ‘waterproofed’ by soaking it in a mixture of paraffin and beef lard!

9th – It was on this day, in 1822, that the American, Charles Graham, patented the first ever set of false teeth, as later proudly worn by President George Washington.

10th – All shapes and sizes? Today is National Black Cow Day in America.

11th – Bluebeat singer, Mille Small, topped the charts today, in 1964, with her single, ‘My Boy Lollipop’. The backing track featured some ‘tasteful’ harmonica ‘licks’ by the very young Rod Stewart.

12th – A Florida teenager says he shot himself in the forehead in an attempt to wake up from a nightmare after he ate hallucinogenic mushrooms, on this day in 2011. Fortunately, the only gun he had handy was a plastic BB pistol!

13th – Not often seen on Samui, today is the feast day of St. Anthony of Padua, patron saint of starving people.

14th – A patent for liquid rocket fuel appeared on this day, in 1914. It’s rumoured that inventor, Robert Goddard, had just returned from a trip to Thailand, where he’d studied firsthand the effects of that volatile whiskey named Mekong.

15th – This was the day, in 1869, that Hippolyte Mège-Mouriès patented artificial butter. Over time the name ‘Mège-Mouriès’ slowly changed to ‘margarine’.

16th – ‘Brad’s Drink’? This imaginatively-titled beverage changed its name on this day, in 1903. The syrupy drink actually began selling when its creator, Caleb Bradham, re-named it to ‘Pepsi Cola’.

17th – Remember the song ‘Buttered Popcorn’? I doubt it! But the name of the group lingers on, as it was the first recording made by The Supremes and released on this day, in 1961.

18th – 1952, and the zippy ‘Cheeseburger in Paradise’ as sung by Jimmy Buffet, oozes its way to number 84 in the US Hot 100.

19th – Today is ‘Flitchday’, as it has been ever since 1104 in the English village of Dunmow. A side of bacon (a ‘flitch’) is offered to any couple who have been married for a year, if they can prove that they’ve never wished to be single again during this time!

20st – On this day in 2009, Canadian, Krystal Boyce-Gaudreau, opened a can of green beans to find a blanched grasshopper staring at her. She was later informed that grasshoppers live in bean fields, are the same colour, and “ . . . sometimes they slip through.”

21st – Kung Fu superstar, Bruce Lee, died on this day, in 1973. After surviving a diet of nunchucks and throwing stars for years, he was finally brought down by an allergic reaction to a painkiller.

22nd – This was the day, in 2010, that Thai Airways introduced a range of their ready-packed in-air flight-meals to actually take away. Seven different polystyrene-packed ‘meals’ became available at airport shops in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai.

23rd –On this day in 1904, the world’s first-ever ice-cream cone appeared, at the St. Louis World’s Fair. Vendor Charles E Menches ran out of paper wrappers and made-do with a pile of borrowed waffles instead, giving rise to a tradition that was to sweep the globe.

24th – They were observed screaming, gyrating and throwing themselves around. No, not a Justin Bieber audience, but a whole village in Aux la Chapelle, France, suffering from ergot poisoning due to tainted wheat, on this day in 1374.

25th – Death by turnip, some time later, in 1989, when Englishman Leslie Merry was struck by a turnip flung from a passing car. He subsequently died in hospital, of a ruptured spleen.

26th – “My friends, I am a jelly doughnut.” On this totally unforgettable day, in 1963, President John F. Kennedy uttered these immortal words when addressing the German people. He had meant to say, “I am a Berliner at heart.” But ‘Ich bin ein Berliner’ doesn’t actually mean that!

27th – – More immortal words, as on this day, in 1940, Bugs Bunny uttered for the first time, “Err ... wassup doc?” A question that, even today, Elmer Fudd is still pondering on.

28th – Summer temperatures soared in America, and an enterprising reporter made the news with pictures of an egg frying on the steps of The Whitehouse, on this day in 1944, when a high of 48oC was recorded.

29th – Keep on going – today is ‘National Drive-Thru Day’ – in America, of course!

30th – The was the ironic day, in 1784, on which French writer, Denis Diderot, a leading light in the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ movement, met his end after eating an apricot his wife had warned him not to touch. His final words before becoming enlightened were, “How the devil will it hurt me?”

31th –And a gruesome endnote – this was the day, in 1869, that something fell from the sky over a large area of the Californian coast. Thousands of small chunks of what seemed to be flesh, bone and skin covered a huge area and it was assumed to be the remains of several cows. But nobody knows quite what or how, even to this day! Rob De Wet


Rob De Wet


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