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One for the Ladies

Prana Resort’s Amala Restaurant offers a ‘girls’ night out’ special on Thursday evenings.


13Who says there’s no such thing as a free lunch? Or in this case, a free drink. At Prana Resort’s Amala Restaurant in Bangrak, drinks are free – for ladies anyway. Now the feminists will be throwing their hands up in horror proclaiming that they don’t want special treatment, and the men will be glumly proclaiming it not to be fair. But let’s face it. Why would anyone turn down a free drink with no strings attached? And there really are no strings attached to this deal.

      So ladies, drop the hang-up. Yes, yes, men and women are created equal. But we’re also different and we need to celebrate our differences and take any opportunities for what they are – in this case, a chance to get together with girlfriends over a few drinks and a chat.

      So what’s the deal? Every Thursday evening from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm, drinks from a selected list are free for ladies. Now these aren’t cheap and nasty cocktails, watered down and just presented as a gesture. These are good quality cocktails, and a good selection too, so you’re bound to find a mix to your taste. And if you’re not into cocktails, choose from San Miguel Light beer or a glass of Monte Chilena Chardonnay from Spain. Guys, don’t worry, you haven’t been entirely forgotten, and while the ladies can keep their wallets closed, you’ll have to open yours half a notch as drinks are half price for you.

      To get you in the mood, here’s what you can expect to find on the free cocktails menu: There are old favourites such as a classic martini and a gin fizz. And if you like a margarita, there’s a choice of red berry or blue. If you prefer it shaken not stirred like 007 but with a feminine note, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the mango or watermelon martinis. A twist on the usual minty mojito is the ‘berry nana mojito’ with vodka, berries, banana, lime and mint leaves. And keeping with the fruity theme, try a melon colada or the banana daiquiri.

      Although ladies tend to control themselves better than men, it’s always a good idea to line the stomach when having a few drinks. During the free drinks ‘happy two hours’, guests have the option to order from a selected tapas menu. No, the food isn’t free too – come on, they have a business to run after all – but the tapas are well-priced at 99 baht per plate, a two-dish combo for 160 baht, and a four-dish combo for 220.

       If you’re not familiar with Amala Restaurant, you may not know that it’s a strictly vegetarian eatery. But not to worry – this award-winning restaurant understands that vegetarian doesn’t mean boring, and their interesting array of tapas is testament to that. The menu offers a fusion of European and Asian snacks to choose from. To get your taste buds going, here’s a sample of what’s on offer: Oven-baked pumpkin with cheese, hash brown with cheese, oven-baked tomato with risotto, deep-fried wonton with quail egg, baked tofu with asparagus, bruschetta with mushroom and cheese, crispy seaweed rolls and seaweed salad to mention but a few.

      Of course, when ladies get together the company is important, as is the food and drink. But the setting makes the occasion too, and at Amala you can’t go wrong. The airy contemporary building is located right on Bangrak Beach, angled perfectly to catch the setting sun. It’s elegant and sophisticated, yet relaxed at the same time. Colourful herbs form a feature growing in a spiralling hydroponic planter, ready to be plucked by the chef as required. Gather at the dining tables, relax on the sofas or even enjoy a dip in the pool, cocktail in hand. Why not make an evening of it and stay for a healthy dinner – to ease the diet guilt from all those free cocktails. Dress up or dress down, it’s up to you. Walk-ins are welcome both from the street and off the beach, but if you plan on staying for dinner, perhaps make a reservation to ensure a table.

       And if you can’t make it on a Thursday evening, not to worry as happy hour happens every evening at Amala Restaurant from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm, on a 50% off basis. The price you see is the price you pay, no plus plus here.

         So ladies, why not gather up a few of your good friends – let the guys tag along too if you like – and enjoy ‘Ladies Night’ at Amala Restaurant. Because here, there is such a thing as a free drink.


Rosanne Turner


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