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17Brisbane 1989, and a couple of ordinary guys, out on the town at night are searching for a sobering cup of coffee on their way home. Not a plastic cup of froth or some powdered rubbish, but a really good tasty blended flavourful double-espresso. And, guess what? They couldn’t find one anywhere.

      This triggered-off some serious discussions between our above-mentioned gentlemen. And their first thoughts were to open a top-quality coffee house to fill the very obvious gap in the market. But more deliberations led to an expansion of the idea. Better yet to include a range of quality and affordable food to complement the coffee. A smart and desirable environment where people could meet, greet and eat – and get a great coffee, too. And their idea has born substantial fruit. The Coffee Club has now become one of Australia’s most established restaurant chains, having also spread into New Zealand, and with more than 200 franchised outlets under their belt.

     In Thailand, they currently have seven outlets with more on the drawing board. And located on Chaweng Beach Road, you’ll discover The Coffee Club’s Samui branch. It’s in a prime central location, just north of Soi Green Mango and close to Burger King. With seating for around 80 over two floors, it’s an excellent spot for people watching along the busy beach road. Although you can enjoy the same quality of coffee in the restaurant upstairs, the ground floor is much more casually laid-out, featuring the coffee counter and resident baristas, the Swensen’s ice-cream parlour and a host of lite-bites, snacks and meals.

      The menu has an extensive selection of International dishes, to choose from. One recommended main dish is the grilled pork chop with poached pears, served on a bed of mashed potato, with rocket leaves and tomato, all doused in a peppery gravy sauce. The pork is cooked to perfection, and melts in the mouth.

       If you are after something lighter, there’s a selection of crunchy, crisp salads to select from, with the most popular choice being the Caesar, an ample bowl of crispy lettuce leaves, bacon, anchovies, croutons and Parmesan shavings, drizzled with Caesar dressing and topped with a poached egg.

       A perfect side dish to order with any combination of food is the lightly golden crispy potato wedges, sprinkled with melted cheese and crispy bacon and accompanied with sour cream and a tomato based salsa.

      Breakfast lovers need not worry about sleeping late and missing out on their full monty, or eggs benedict – The Coffee Club serves an extensive breakfast menu all day. The not-so-hungry can choose from light meals such as cinnamon toast, French toast, muffins or croissants. Those that wake with a serious appetite after a night on the town, will be satisfied with choices such as the big breakfast, generously sized omelettes and breakfast wraps. The health conscious have not been forgotten, and will not break their diets by tucking into the lifestyle breakfast – Turkish bread, avocado, lean ham, poached eggs and mozzarella toasted and served with grilled tomato. Other lean options include granola muesli, and fruit plates.

      Coffee is not the only beverage available here. There’s a whole range of fruit juices and frappes, smoothies, fruit and herbal teas, and chocolate, too. But it’s the coffee that’s truly the foundation and the coffee here is superb, even going as far as to have their own signature blend.

      But a cup of coffee is only as good as the person who’s making it, no matter how high-tech the equipment is. The baristas at all of The Coffee Clubs’ outlets are trained intensively and need to pass demanding trials and tests before they’re let loose on the public.

      So whether you require a quick pit stop for a coffee and a cake, or you are after something a little more substantial, The Coffee Club will have something to satisfy everyone.


Kathy Ross


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