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Introducing the new set menu options at Krua Bophut in Fisherman’s Village.


10-11Krua Bophut is a popular and authentic Thai restaurant towards the western end of Fisherman's Village. Now although Krua Bophut’s dishes are authentic, they’ve taken the Western palate into account, and understand that not everyone can handle the level of heat that Thais can. So, although they use all the 'real' Thai herbs and spices, the chilli has been toned down. But daredevils, or those that can handle the heat, can simply ask for it ‘Thai-style’, or ‘pet maak’ (very spicy).

      Whilst chatting to Khun Jirawan, F&B Manager of Krua Bophut and their sister establishment Bo Phut Resort & Spa, she revealed that the menu boasts over 100 dishes to choose from, all of which are authentically Thai of course. Dishes are marked with one, two, or three chillies, depending on the level of heat. Go for a number one if you're a novice at Thai dining, you can always add more. Number two, you're getting there. Number three – and you may as well call yourself a local.

      With such a vast menu, you're sure to find something to your taste. There are options of chicken, beef, pork, duck, salads, soups, appetisers, and a number of vegetarian choices too. In fact any of the curries and soups, as well as many of the other dishes, can be made into a veggie option by Chef Nong, who has been at the helm of the kitchen since the restaurant opened three years ago.

      If browsing through over 100 dishes is too overwhelming, then select one of the two newly introduced set menu options to take the stress out of deciding. And rather than ordering a few dishes that don’t complement each other, the set menus have been compiled to bring out the best flavour combinations. If you’re new to the Thai food scene, then a set menu is a great way to sample the flavours of Thailand’s most renowned dishes.

       Right, so here’s what you can expect from Krua Bophut’s set menus, both of which sell for a reasonable 690 baht per person for six dishes. ‘Menu A’ starts with the Bophut Kitchen selection of appetisers. It’s followed by ‘tom yum goong’, the famous Thai spicy and sour prawn soup, which is explosive in flavours. After that, enjoy ‘som tum’, or spicy green payaya salad, crispy, refreshing and delicious. Another Thai favourite, green curry, comes next, and this version is with chicken and eggplant. The final dish before dessert is freshly caught stir-fried white snapper with three spices. To cool the mouth after the spices, finish off with coconut ice-cream, quite fitting as Samui is often referred to as ‘Coconut Island’.

       The less-spicy ‘Menu B’ also starts with the Bophut Kitchen selection of appetisers, but with this option, it’s followed by ‘tom kha gai’, or Thai chicken soup with coconut milk and fresh Thai herbs. This is a milder option for those not used to spicy soups. Staying with the milder option, after the soup enjoy a fresh vegetable salad. One of Krua Bophut’s most popular dishes comes next, the roast duck curry, and that’s followed by the classic, slightly spicy, stir-fried chicken with cashew nuts. This menu ends on a sweet note of banana fritters, crispy on the outside, but deliciously sweet and silky inside.

      Of course, sitting beachside, a good bottle of wine to complement the meal would be great. Khun Jirawan is proud of Krua Bophut's vast wine list, stocking wines from Australia, Chile, New Zealand and South Africa.

      If you’re after a venue to host a function, Krua Bophut is ideal for anything from small intimate affairs to large gatherings. It's a great party location, as it seats more than 150 guests with ease between the covered dining room, the deck under the trees and the tables set in the soft white sand. Set menus are also good options for a function, as costs are easy to plan and there are no hidden surprises. And with the two options available, there’s one to suit those that enjoy a bit of spice as well as those that don’t.

      On Friday evenings, choose a roadside table, making the most of the vibe during the weekly walking street market – a great spot to people-watch. If you prefer to be away from the crowds, and want a little romance, book a table on the beach. Be sure to get there before sunset, as the views across the bay to the neighbouring islands, as well as to Big Buddha, are spectacular.

      As lovely as the beachside dining and deck areas are, the building itself is beautiful and adds to the ambience. It's a Thai-style wooden construction, made to resemble traditional buildings from a century ago. With a vaulted ceiling, tiled roof, intricate wooden carved insets and slatted windows that allow the breeze through, it creates a lovely setting on evenings when the weather plays up, or perhaps over lunch when it's too hot outside.

      So whether you’re a seasoned Thai food fan and know your tom yum goong from your tom kha gai, or a novice who has no clue, you’ll enjoy either showing off your knowledge by ordering from the menu, or settle for the safe and easy, yet equally delicious set menus at Krua Bophut.


Rosanne Turner


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