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Refreshing beverages made by your own fair hands; Barista courses at Boncafe.


5Everybody enjoys a refreshing beverage at some point during their day. This can be in the form of hot, cold, alcoholic, stewed, strained or drained. Nowadays whatever tickles your taste buds in the beverage stakes is available; there are fruit beers and ciders, innumerable different flavours of wine, cocktails & mocktails, espressos & ristrettos, green and jasmine tea. All of these can be enjoyed alone or sometimes mixed together, to create a whole new blend of beverage.

    Have you ever dreamt about having the knowledge and skills to create that perfect tasting concoction, either in your own home or in your place of business? Well look no further, all of the answers to producing that sumptuously delicious delight in a glass are now available here on Samui.

      Boncafe is a leading Thai-Swiss manufacturer of coffees, teas, flavoured syrups, sauces and toppings. They also provide the most up-to-date state of the art machines and tools to enable you to achieve that taste sensation yourself. Along with all that, they now offer you the opportunity to attend a one day workshop or full barista course at the Coffee Academy.

       On Samui, the Boncafe shop can be found on the main ring-road when travelling from Chaweng to Maenam, about one-kilometre from the traffic lights in Bophut, on the left-hand side after the gasoline station. Inside you’ll find a small but well stocked shop, with excellent customer service being offered, to ensure that all your requirements are met. The Boncafe name has been in operation for over 21 years and they’re due to celebrate their 22nd anniversary on the 22nd of November this year, while on Samui they have been open for over six years now.

      These days, the traditional black or white coffee is not sufficient to entice the customer through the door, there needs to be some charm and sophistication added to the cup. This is where Boncafe can help, by teaching those that signup to the workshop the tricks of the trade. They can give you the inside knowledge of how to create that special swirl, froth or artistic design that can complete that exceptional cuppa for your customers. The free workshop is held quarterly throughout the year, with the next one planned for the middle of March. It is hoped that this workshop will become increasingly popular, so they can be held more frequently in the future. Within this workshop you’ll be given the opportunity to learn and understand the dynamics to creating diverse coffee recipes, including making a captivating cappuccino and how to design and produce the appealing artwork on a latte. It’ll also offer you their in-depth knowledge and experience about how to open your own successful coffee shop, detailing the wants and needs of customers. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, but perhaps your requirements are a little more detailed, then you might want to consider signing up for one of the barista courses.

      The barista courses run for one, two or three-days. The obvious difference is that the more days you dedicate to learning, the more in-depth the information you can receive. The barista courses will give a comprehensive guide to all the different styles of coffee, how to select the appropriate beans for each separate taste and how to create the various designs for each one. The course also advises about popular styles of tea, flavours of soda and toppings for desserts, to ensure that the expertise they pass onto every student is well-rounded and complete.

      At Boncafe they provide all the necessary equipment, tools and ingredients to create that perfect beverage. The coffee machines are of the highest calibre, and full training is given with every purchase. The new Boncafe Pegaso machine is of a particularly high standard, adapted from criteria provided from all the Boncafe stores around Thailand. By amalgamating information from all the stores, they have ensured that the machine has been created from the advice and overall requirements from all of their customers.

      There’s also an immense amount of different types of coffee beans on sale, along with all the different brands of tea, countless different flavours of syrup and dessert toppings. All the branches offer a one-stop service for all beverage solutions, meaning that they not only sell a machine, they want to guarantee that every customer is capable of effectively using it. Their focus is on customer satisfaction, ensuring that all have positive and productive contact after the original sale is complete. This promise can leave you content with your purchase and may leave you wondering why you hadn’t acquired a machine before!


Kathy Ross


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