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Exotic cuisine with a healthy twist at Amala Restaurant.


14Are you looking for something different in the food stakes? Have you ever thought about going vegetarian? Abandon the idea that you’ve to eat meat every day and try a couple of meat-free meals in your diet. The benefits of vegetarian food are outstanding and the tastes that can be achieved nowadays are mind-blowing. With the lower risk of developing heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes, obesity and hypertension; why wouldn’t you give it a try? Healthy eating is not just a fad anymore. People are convinced that what they eat is extremely important, and that bad eating habits are just not worth the health risks. Not everyone who eats healthy follows a strict vegetarian diet. But, vegetarian cooking isn’t just for vegetarians anymore.

    On Samui, the best place to indulge yourself in these veggie treats is Amala Restaurant at Prana Beach Villas. Located in Bangrak, near Big Buddha Pier, the resort has the complete package under one roof: rooms, spa, pool and of course Amala Restaurant. The view is absolutely unbelievable, the service is even better and the food is even better still. The staff are extremely friendly and helpful, offering a certain personal touch to your dining experience. Dishes are exquisitely presented, with many of the vegetables, herbs and spices actually grown on the premises, to ensure the quality and taste are topnotch. The menu already features a wide variety of Thai and International dishes, ranging from pizza and pasta, to pad Thai and green curry.

      The newly appointed Executive Chef, Joseph Maurer, is an extremely talented and pleasant Australian, with many fantastic and exotic ideas to re-vamp the whole menu. He began his career in cuisine at the age of 14, and since then he’s been fortunate enough to have worked in a number of different locations before arriving at Amala. This fantastic opportunity in his career has offered Joseph the prospect of a complete new adventure in the kitchen. His ideas are endless, his creative combinations are indescribable and his presentation is second to none. Joseph’s ideas to completely revamp the menu are a work in procgress at the moment. The new menu will be officially released in the very near future, and is guaranteed to be worth sampling.

       The first wow factor when you enter Amala, are the small appetizers offered on arrival. The Tom Kha Mushroom Soup consists of a warming coconut soup presented in an espresso cup, to slowly sip before devouring the creamy sliced oyster mushrooms that have sunk to the bottom of your cup. The reinvented main dishes include a Tomato Carpaccio Rocket Truffle Salad, which is a base of thin layers of tomato, seasoned with salt and lime, drizzled with olive oil, piled high with rocket leaves and parmesan cheese, topped with shavings of deep-fried eggplant skin and garnished with gremolata breadcrumbs. An alternative and exciting change in Joseph’s reinvented meals is the combination of different styles of cuisine being fused together in one dish. One Japanese style dish will definitely be the first choice for many, marinated eggplant in a yackiniku sauce, with finely diced green beans in a black sesame dressing, served with a shot of homemade miso with a soft tofu float. This is also accompanied with an Asian Pearslaw, which is an international twist on the original, well-known coleslaw. It includes carrots and cabbage, the same as the original; however the newly invented ‘slaw’ has diced apple, pear and white daikon, along with a mild wasabi sauce to add a slight kick to the final sensation.

      Every night there’s a buy-one-get-one-free happy hour on selected drinks from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. They also offer a fun filled evening every Thursday, Ladies Night, Lipgloss & Cocktails, were the ladies can enjoy certain drinks free. And fellas have no fear, you’re not forgotten, you’ll still be able to take advantage of a 50% reduction on specialised drinks. This lends the perfect opportunity to relax at this idyllic location in the early evening, enjoying the taste of the delicious beverages. The new mocktail concoctions on the menu include, Frozen Summer, which is a cool sweet combination of mango and lemon juice, infused together with mint leaves, and the Prana Garden, an aperitif, designed to awaken the taste buds before your main meal, featuring basil ground together with watermelon and honey.


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