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Welcome to the picturesque Santiburi Samui Country Club.


7There’s an incredibly diverse selection of terrain on Samui. There are numerous beaches that’ll blow your mind with the beauty they offer, and the mountainous jungle scenery will leave you stunned. A slow stroll along one of the beaches, whilst dusting your toes in the sumptuous golden sand or a trek over the hills, gives you the perfect opportunity to absorb the assorted surroundings available.

    To be found high-up in the mountains in Maenam is the deluxe Santiburi Golf Course. It’s ranked as one of the top 18-hole golf courses in the world, boasting sea views from every hole, the finest being from its signature hole, number 17, at the highest point of the mountain, some 280 metres above sea-level. This exotic course can be located off the main ring-road in Maenam, by turning left into Soi 7 (here you’ll find a Family Mart on the left and a traditional Thai market to the right of the turning), and following the signs along the winding road up the mountain. The road on the approach to the course is well maintained, so you’ll have no problem getting there in a truck, jeep, car or motorbike.

      The Santiburi brand name has a wide-ranging chain of complexes all over Thailand, with three properties on Samui alone; Bo Phut Resort and Spa, Santiburi Beach Resort & Spa and the Santiburi Samui Country Club. Further branches of The Santiburi name reach as far north as Chiang Rai and Khon Kaen. In Khon Kaen, the golf course is located next to the famous Singha beer factory, very practically positioned to allow the wastewater from the factory to be recycled and used to maintain the water hazards on the course. A final Santiburi establishment is sited in the illustrious city of Hua Hin; The Royal Hua Hin Golf Course, which was originally developed for the Royal Family, and was later passed over to Khun Santi Bhirom Bhakdi’s family, who are the current the owners of all these prestigious developments.

       Khun Santi’s father was actually the original founder of the Santiburi name. He was a very inventive and imaginative man. After visiting Germany, with the aim of learning how to brew beer, he set-about creating the now world renowned Singha beer. And he later extended his portfolio to include all the Santiburi resorts, spas and golf courses in Thailand. As an extremely successful and generous businessman, and a passionate golfer, he has continuously sponsored Thai players and events. He eventually decided to take a back-seat in the business world and handed control to his son.

      The average intake of players at the Santiburi Golf Course is an impressive 65-per day, demonstrating its popularity with visitors from all around the world. The clubhouse at the course is an open sided building with a stunning view of Koh Pha-Ngan. Non players are equally welcome to enjoy the offerings at the restaurant. Tables are perfectly positioned in the restaurant area, so that everyone can enjoy the wondrous views. The menu has a broad spectrum of dishes, both Thai and International. There’s a definite European influence on some of the dishes: grilled German sausages and deep-fried German pork are highly recommended. Khao Soi Gai, originating from the north of Thailand, is a crispy yellow noodle dish, with chicken in yellow curry soup, and is an absolute must try from the Thai menu. As is the uniquely presented pad Thai. This traditional Thai dish consists of fried noodles, garlic, onion, fish sauce, lime-juice, sugar, bean sprouts, crushed peanuts and loaded with prawns, resulting in a slightly zingy sweet and sour flavour. The favourite Western option would have to be the quality ground beef cheeseburger with tomato, cucumber and mayonnaise, accompanied with French fries. There’s also an al-a-carte breakfast menu, with everything from a traditional English fry up to continental and Asian selections.

      You’ll feel sad as six o’clock approaches; the sun is finally diving behind the mountains, it’s nearly home time, after an outstanding day on one of the most beautiful spots on the island. The reasonably priced restaurant and golf course, with their panoramic views, will definitely leave you wanting to return as soon as possible. Make that visit during the Annual Asian Tour Event or the Queens Cup, held in June every year. Then you’ll enjoy the exquisite surroundings, whilst enjoying the buzz and excitement created during the competition.


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