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Here are some events that have made it onto the February foodie calendar.


1st – We kick off February with the Feast of St. Brigid of Ireland, patron saint of cattle, chicken farmers and dairymaids.


2nd – TOn this day, in 1659, Jan van Riebeeck, the first governor of the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, made his first wine from vines he planted in 1655. Thanks to him, South Africa is today one of the best wine-producing countries in the world.

3rd –In 1815 the world's first commercial cheese factory was established in Switzerland. Goes perfectly with that bottle of South African Chardonnay...


4th  –On this day, in 1998, Bill Gates was hit with a cream pie in Brussels. Noel Godin's hobby is throwing cream pies at celebrities, and he's written a book about his obscure adventures.


5th – Celebrate World Nutella Day by having a banana and Nutella pancake at one of Samui's mobile pancake stands..



6th – Another cause for celebration, today is the Feast of St. Amand, patron saint of bartenders, brewers and vintners. As if you needed a reason...


7th – In 1989 it was reported that a rain of sardines fell in Ipswich, Australia.


8th – Yet another feast is celebrated on this day; the Feast of St. Meingold, patron saint of bakers.


9th – This is St. Apollonia's Day, patron saint of dentists. And after all that Nutella and baked goods, perhaps a visit to the dentist is in order.


10th – Chinese New Year kicks off with a bang (literally) today. Head to one of the local Chinese temples for food and entertainment.


11th – On this day, in 1977, the world's heaviest lobster was caught off Nova Scotia, weighing in at over 20kg. Wonder if they found a pot big enough?


12th – The popular food colouring, Red Dye No.2, was banned by the FDA on this day, in 1976. Studies had shown it might cause cancer, and red M&Ms disappeared for 11 years because of the ban.


13th - Let's call this day 'fruity song day' as, in 1967, The Beatles single 'Strawberry Fields Forever' was released. And on the same day, in 1971, 'One Bad Apple' by the Osmonds reached number one in the charts.


14th  - Being St Valentine's Day, no doubt there'll be copious amounts of chocolate and champagne consumed around the world, in either celebration or commiseration.


15th - On this day, in 1965, Canada adopted its new red and white flag with a red maple leaf in the centre. Anyone for a waffle with maple syrup?


16th - This is National Almond Day in the USA. This country is 'nuts' for national food days.


17th – Today is the 22nd annual Boston Wine Expo, should you be in the area, and fancy a tipple.


18th – And for the teeny-boppers out there, today Justin Bieber will be playing live in concert in Dublin. Some pre-teens find him just delicious.


19th – On a more sombre note, in 1847 the Donner Party was rescued after being snowbound in the Sierra Nevadas. Almost half of the original 87 members died, and some of the survivors seemed to be well fed considering the ordeal they went through. Cannibalism itself is not a crime, and no charges were ever brought.


20th – And for some useless information, on this day, in 1873, Luther Childs Crowell of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, was granted a patent for a machine which made square-bottomed paper bags. It's the same basic design still used today.


21st – This day in the USA marks National Sticky Bun Day. Well they keep their dentists in business for sure.


22nd – Now that's more like it. Celebrate National Margarita Day in the States.


23rd - In 1997, scientists in Scotland announced the first successful cloning of an adult mammal, Dolly, the sheep. Do her lamb chops taste exactly the same as her clone's?


24th - On this day, in 1955, Steven Jobs was born, co-founder of the Apple computer company. According to his bio, “He grew up in the apricot orchards which later became known as Silicon Valley."


25th –Celebrate St. Walburga's Day, patron saint of crops.


26th – In the USA, another nut is honoured, as it's National Pistachio Day..


27th – On this day, in 1827, the first Mardi Gras celebration was held in New Orleans.


28th – We end the month, noting that February is National Grapefruit Month in USA. Thailand's version, the pomelo, is even tastier and worth trying if you haven't before.



Rosanne Turner


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