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Getting into the Spirit

Enjoy the true spirit of Thailand, at Spirit House Village in Chaweng.


10-11Tradition and culture is somewhat missing on the island of Samui, with a multitude of Westernised restaurants, bars, hotels, resorts and attractions available around the clock. The real Thailand seems to have been masked over, with an international influence taking precedent. Combining both Western style and chic with Thai customs and traditions is Spirit House Village. Situated just off Chaweng Beach Road, at the southern end of the one-way system, you’ll find the serene and tranquil setting of a restaurant and spa. Constructed using bricks and ornaments similar to the ancient temples in Ayutthaya, on arrival it feels like you’ve entered an ancient historical site, although once inside you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome and a friendly smile.

    Spirit House has been in operation for over two years now. Originally developed to welcome tourists into a haven, that is in-keeping with Thai tradition, whilst encompassing a fresh, affectionate feeling. The village offers a friendly introduction to Thai culture through the means of relaxation, food and entertainment. Managing Director, Paul Mcdermid has now introduced a new concept, to the already extensive menu of attractions on offer. Rightfully labelled ‘dinner and a show’. It’s been established as an excellent way of incorporating two of the most important values within Thai culture; food and traditional entertainment. Held every Friday, tickets for this evening can be reserved at Spirit House or through your hotel/resort, with a free pick-up service available in the Chaweng area.

  Arrive at Spirit House in the early evening, around 6:00 pm, to enjoy a refreshing welcome drink in the bar area. There’s a choice of either home-made roselle fruit or lemongrass juice. Both are an excellent start to the invigorating delights that are on offer for you to enjoy throughout the evening. Shortly after you’ll be escorted to your dining table, where you’ll find a selection of dining options. There’s outdoor and indoor seating, depending on the weather, with floor and table seating available. You’ve the option of being positioned on the grass near the show setting, or on the first-floor terrace, with a view overlooking the entertainment area. Not forgetting the romantic Royal Sala; a covered idealistic location, next to the pond, with a birds-eye view of the stage. Ideal for those special occasions, for small groups or a perfect place for a couple to celebrate their love.


      The menu for the evening is a set four-course dinner with two options available. These comprise a variety of dishes that are changed on a regular basis. A taste sensation will be achieved from selecting the entrée of seafood noodle balls. This consists of minced prawn and squid, combined with various herbs, served with a spicy cucumber relish and sweet chilli sauce. Next is a traditional tom-yam-soup, a classical Thai dish made from creamy coconut milk, infused with lemon grass, lime leaves, coriander and galangal. Main courses include the traditional massaman curry. This is served with mouth-watering tender pieces of fillet steak in a curry sauce, with potatoes, peanuts and cardamom. Alternatively, there is the sweet and sour explosion of tamarind sauce drizzled over crispy fried prawns. This is followed by either the Thai traditional dessert of mango with sticky rice and coconut cream, or a simple but palate pleasing seasonal tropical fruit platter. Vegetarian options are also available on request.

       After selecting your personalised set-menu, the entertainment begins. The traditional Thai show will commence during your feast, offering something to tickle the taste buds, whilst enjoying something pleasing on the eyes and ears. A number of culturally based acts will be demonstrated in the garden area (again, weather permitting), with a slightly different style of show being offered every week. The variety includes customary Thai temple dancing, bands playing traditional music with the use of many ancient Thai instruments, and much more. Colourful costumes and delicate soft sounds are the theme of the evening, allowing you to take great pleasure in the traditional cuisine on offer, whilst relaxing with the entertainment. The evening is becoming increasingly popular, so it’s recommended that you make reservations for this weekly traditional performance.

      A whole day can be spent here, with several amenities on offer. Pamper yourself in the spa, which offer an array of packages, including a herbal steam room, rock plunge pool and countless massages and spa treatments. Wander through the spice and herb garden, absorbing the assortment of smells used to create traditional Thai cuisine. These will be freshly picked in accordance with the menu you can create on a Thai cooking course. This is held within the grounds, overlooking the picturesque garden and pond on the premises.

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