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December has many culinary-related curiosities – here are just a few of them!


1st – We start the month off with a change to food law. On this day, in 1965, the United Kingdom’s Labour Government put forward a hugely popular plan to financially support local beef farmers.”


2nd – Today, in 1943, food rationing laws were put into place in America. They started by rationing meat before expanding to include canned foods too.

3rd – On this day, in 1998, Edwina Currie, the UK’s Health Minister, announced that most of Britain’s eggs were infected with salmonella, angering farmers, politicians and egg producers alike.


4th  – In 1786, former Minnesota farmer Oliver Hudson Kelley founded the Order of the Patrons of Husbandry (better known today as the Grange), the first organized agricultural movement in the US.


5th – Every year on this day, the Viennese celebrate their famed chocolate cake, sachertorte, first created by an Austrian fella by the name of Franz Sacher.


6th – Today is National Gazpacho Day in Italy, when the Italians indulge in this classic dish.


7th – On this day, in 2001, a UN report was issued asserting that genetically modified food could feed the world’s hungry if the rich nations would stop fearing it. However, those who believe that nature should not be tampered with call genetically modified food “Frankenfood”.


8th – Whilst the Viennese have already had their chocolaty-focused day, every year on the 8th, the rest of the world has its turn, as it’s National Chocolate Brownie Day.


9th – Today in the UK a group of foodies will be preparing for the first Food Trip: an organised weekend of eating, cooking, shopping and exploring in South London.


10th – On this date, in 1977, millionaire rice seller, Tongsun Park, was found guilty of fraud and corruption.


11th – W.S. Fiddler died on this day, in 1913, as a result of eating too much cheese. He was 50 years old and cause of death was cited as, “acute indigestion from eating excessive amounts of cheese, [which] led to heart failure.”


12th – A British army cook was out looking for eggs on this day, in 1917, during the First World War, when he was presented with the keys to the city by the mayor. This act resulted in the fall of Jerusalem and the Brits winning back the Holy Land from the Turks.


13th - The iconic Pepsi commercial starring James Dean was aired on this day, in 1950.


14th  - Christmas plans include turkey for the first time in Cuba on this day, in 1997, after Cuban President, Fidel Castro, declared Christmas a public holiday.


15th  Dianne Modhal, former 800 metre Commonwealth gold medallist, was found guilty on this day, in 1994, of taking banned performance enhancing drugs.


16th -While The Battle of the Bulge may sound like a dieting TV series, it’s actually the day the Allied front line bulged inward in 1944.


17th – An alcohol prohibition was put into place in Eastern Oklahoma on this day, in 1911. It outlined that ‘Indians’ weren’t allowed to drink liquor.


18th – Go out for dinner tonight and enjoy some roast suckling pig, because it’s Roast Suckling Pig Day!


19th – On this day, in 1921, 30,000 protesters congregated in the U.S. because of hiked-up sugar and tobacco taxes.


20th – zA study released on this day last year showed that half the population of Lagos, Nigeria, were starved, waterless and with no electricity, and that only one in 100 people had a telephone. Population Crisis Committee named it the worst city in the world to live in.


21st – The failing Irish flour industry was given hope on this day, in 1902, as a group of investors promised to spend between five and 15 million U.S. dollars building flour mills across Ireland.


22nd – An inquiry into Mad Cow Disease, which had been plaguing the UK’s beef production, was released on this day, in 1997. It revealed the origins of the disease and the poor enforcement of the government beef ban.


23rd - On this day, in 1978, Michigan in the U.S. raised its drinking age to 21, after growing concerns about high school children drinking and driving. Many other states followed suit.


24th - U.S. prisoners of war were returned from Cuba in time for Christmas, in 1962, after the American government paid a ransom of 53 million dollars to the Cubans.


25th – It’s Christmas! Family feasts will be had all over the world. An estimated 22 million turkeys are eaten on this day, every year.


26th – Although the majority of households will be consuming turkey leftovers from the night before, today’s actually National Candy Cane Day – bet you didn’t know that.


27th – And whilst yesterday was the turn of the candy cane, today the spotlight’s on the fruitcake, not that you’ll feel like one after all the Christmas cake you’ve undoubtedly eaten on the


28th – On this day, in 1987, 12 people died and 150 got food poisoning at a wedding in Nepal after consuming dodgy meat and water.


29th – On a more positive note, on this day, in 1925, in New Orleans a lady called Mrs. Premos found a diamond in the neck of a turkey she was preparing to cook. The stone bagged her 1,000 dollars.


30th – In 1927, Jamaicans began to eat turkeys and chickens at Christmas instead of the beef that they’d always had at this time of year.


31th – And a wonderful one to end on: on this date, in 2011, a Swedish lady who’d lost her wedding ring sixteen years previously, found it looped atop a carrot that she’d grown in her vegetable garden.



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