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Appreciating Poppies

Island legend Poppies Samui captivates holidaymakers with their reliable formula of hospitality


10-11Poppies Samui opened in 1994 as one of Samui’s first boutique resorts, and throughout its 18 years tenure in the middle of Samui’s tourist hub, countless dreams have been served by Poppies’ expert team of staff – currently led by General Manager John Ens - to holidaymakers on our paradise island. And as far as peace, seduction and beauty are concerned, Poppies Samui captivates and arrests senses. Fauna and flora bloom in the inner sanctum of the resort, while the outside world on Chaweng Beach Road is visible only through the small window that is the marble-laced lobby.

    One doesn’t have to be a resident of the resort to take advantage of what Poppies has to offer. Every Saturday night since the resort’s inception, they have been putting on shows for residents and visitors alike. Commencing at 7:00 pm, Thai musicians take to the stage in the restaurant to play traditional Thai music using the khim, a hammered dulcimer which takes the shape of a fishing boat. While the bright notes echo with the brushing sound of the trees in the crisp sea breeze, guests can also stroll along the mini-market that sells hand-made rattan purses, jewellery and other Thai souvenirs. Don’t miss the buffalo leather and soap carving demonstrations: guests can watch as the artisans etch delicate flowers and motifs onto the tough leather. In the mean time, leaves of soaps are sliced and reassembled as a flower, ready to be encased in a dainty wood box, to make a perfect gift for friends and family. It goes without saying that all this shopping can be accompanied by sipping cocktails from the bar which is stocked to the brim with liquor, spirits and wines.

      After a brief intermission, dancers join the six musicians to perform the classic Ram Thai dance. This dance features performers in elaborate costumes, acting out the stages of a traditional Thai life. Through the dancers’ sashaying hips, swinging arms and swaying heads, life phases such as birth, harvest, marriage, separation and death are glorified and immortalised in artistic routines. As the performance continues, kantoke dinners begin to arrive at guests’ tables. The traditional kantoke consists of five dishes served in sharing portions (the combination of dishes changes from one Saturday to the other), with options ranging from prawn with red curry, beef with massaman curry, fried vegetables to anything you can expect on a Thai dinner table. Though we say ‘sharing portions’, each dish can easily serve two, if not three. So make sure your stomach is prepared for the delicious feast!

        Since its opening, the recipe of Poppies success hasn’t changed a great deal. In fact, the reliability of the resort’s excellent service, tranquil surrounds, entertaining events and delicious food and beverages constitute the main reason why 35 percent of guests return annually. Poppies other unfailing event is the Monday cocktail night. Free for in-house guests or those with a dinner booking, free-flow cocktails, wines and beers are served on the powdery beach between 6:00 pm and 7.30 pm, allowing Poppies management and fans to share tips about happenings on Samui. During this time, the sky above Chaweng Beach changes magnificently from bright blue to orange and again from violet to Arabian black, just as questions and answers change hands on topics such as ‘Where is the best spot to snorkel on Samui?’, ‘Where to enjoy the best sunset?' and 'What was Samui like 20 years ago?'.

        While photographs and words can convey our interpretation of Poppies allure, you must feel, sense and immerse yourself in the legendary environment in order to fully grasp the reason why one in three holidaymakers return to Poppies year after year.


Kawai Wong


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