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October has many culinary-related curiosities – here are just a few of them!


1st – What better way to begin the month than with Homemade Cookies Day? So get in the kitchen, roll up your sleeves and get baking!


2nd – 2nd - One of the stranger national food days, is October 2nd, National Fried Scallops Day. Coat a handful of scallops in beer batter, fry, and then serve with fried okra, a baked potato and cocktail sauce for dipping.

3rd – On this day, in 1975, London’s Spaghetti House siege ended. Six hostages who were being held in the Knightsbridge Spaghetti House were released unharmed after being stuck in the restaurant for five days.


4th  – The Swedish have an interesting tradition whereby on this day, every year, they eat freshly baked cinnamon rolls.


5th – Steve Jobs of computer giant, Apple, died on this day, last year.


6th – Anyone who loves noodles will love this day, as it’s National Noodle Day, a holiday ardently observed by Cup Noodles fans the world over.

7th – And from Cup Noodles to a cuppa, today it’s traditional in America to drink frappés! Also, coincidentally, a fantastic way cool down in the Samui heat.


8th – In the United States there is a snack called a 'fluffernutter', made with peanut butter and marshmallow crème, and on this day, every year, households all over the country can be found rustling them up.


9th – Nobody quite knows why, but today is Mouldy Cheese Day. So stock up on Stilton, round up some Roquefort and chow down on some of these smelly delicacies.


10th – Tasty couple Liz Taylor and Richard Burton remarry in secret on this day, in 1975, at an intimate ceremony in Africa.


11th – How do you like your eggs? Scrambled, fried or poached perhaps? Well however you like ‘em, have some for breakfast today because it’s World Egg Day!


12th – Now this one’s a little depressing, but this date, in 2002, was the day of the Bali nightclub bombings. Revellers were happily sipping away at cocktails and beers when the blast went off – more than 50 people were killed.


13th - Another one of a slightly morbid nature… on this day, in 1972, a plane crashed high in the Andes. The survivors were forced to resort to cannibalism to stay alive until their eventual rescue two months later.


14th  - This one’s very appropriate to Thailand, because it’s a delicacy you’ll find in some market stalls here; today is National Chocolate-Covered Insects Day – yes, there is such a day, believe it or not.


15th  Today you’re in for a pheasant surprise, because in America it’s National Roast Pheasant Day – a great opportunity to cook something a bit different for your family and friends.


16th - Now jot this one in the diary because it’s a big one, today is World Food Day. The day came about in honour of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, but is celebrated the world over.


17th – On this date we take time to celebrate one of the world’s best loved foods: pasta. There are hundreds of different pasta shapes and varieties, so pick a couple of interesting ones and get that water boiling.


18th – If you’ve got kids, or are a big kid yourself, then you’re in for a treat today because it’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day. They are best enjoyed with ample icing and perhaps a few sprinkles on top for good measure.


19th – On this day, in 2011, Google released a brand new version of the Android operating system, appetisingly named, Ice Cream Sandwich.


20th – These ‘National Days’ are a great day to try something different, and today is no exception – it’s National Brandied Fruit Day!


21st – Mexican maître d', Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya, was the inventor of the immensely popular snack, the nacho, so when he died on this day, in 1975, it was registered as National Nacho Day in his honour.


22nd – People with a nut allergy look away now, because this is the day of the nut! But don’t blame us, blame fair trade nut company, Liberation Foods, who created this day of nut appreciation.


23rd - Today is National Boston Cream Pie Day. Funnily enough, despite being called a pie, the Boston cream pie is actually a cake.


24th - Fans of Good & Plenty liquorice candy look forward to this day all year, as they can munch on it relatively guilt free because it’s Good & Plenty Day.


25th – It’s lucky that we’ve got McDonalds here on Samui, because today is National Greasy Foods Day. Although traditionally a day of fry-ups, we’ll settle for a good old Big Mac.


26th – By recycling animal protein (essentially a euphemism for feeding cows, cows) mad cow disease broke out, resulting in 3,253 cases in cows and 18 in humans.


27th – Baked, fried, mashed or boiled, everybody loves a good potato. And what better day to indulge in some than on National Potato Day.


28th – Chocoholics now have a day dedicated to their favourite hobby – eating chocolate. You’ve guessed it, it’s National Chocolate Day.


29th – By the other token, today is a healthier affair. Today is the day to have a hearty breakfast of oaty goodness – it’s National Oatmeal Day. We’d forgive you if you drizzled a little honey in there though, you are celebrating, after all.


30th – And now, to one that everybody will love – it’s buy a doughnut day! Who doesn’t love a doughnut? Just ask Homer Simpson.


31th – Happy Halloween folks! Carve out your pumpkins and collect your candy, because today is All Hallows’ Eve, the time to eat your bodyweight in sweets.



Christina Wylie


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