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September has many culinary-related curiosities – here are just a few of them!



1st – Princess Diana of England is killed in a car accident in Paris on this day, in 1997. Her driver, Henri Paul, had consumed the equivalent of 10 glasses of wine before crashing the armoured Mercedes into a concrete pillar at 196 km/h.


2nd – 2nd - Apple growers in Massachusetts forced the Labour Department to allow an additional 400 Canadian apple pickers to work in the state on this day, in 1965. The growers claimed that the Canadians could pick five times the amount of an average American worker.

3rd – British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain announced on this day, in 1939, that the “country is at war with Germany”. During the war, each person in the UK was issued a ration book for buying food items such as bacon, sugar and biscuits.


4th  – Australian environmentalist Steve Irwin died on this day, in 2006, while filming at the Great Barrier Reef. He was working on a wildlife documentary when a stingray barb stabbed his chest. Irwin held a strong anti-shark fin soup stance.


5th – Mother Teresa died in this day, in 1997, in Calcutta, India, aged 87. The Nobel Peace Prize Laureate is quoted in a lecture: "When I pick up a person from the street hungry, I give him a plate of rice, a piece of bread, I have satisfied."


6th – Princess Kiko, the wife of the Japanese emperor’s younger son, gives birth to Prince Hisahito on this day, in 2006. It is a tradition in Japan that babies celebrate their Hatsu Tanjo – first birthday – with a pair of red and white birthday rice cakes called Tanjo Mochi..


7th – Queen Elizabeth I of England was born in this day, in 1533. According to historians, the Queen normally took tea, toast and marmalade for breakfast, and was fond of a Sunday roast dinner.


8th – Percy LeBaron Spencer, an American engineer, who is known for his invention of the microwave oven, died on this day, in 1970.


9th – George Bush Senior and Mikhail Gorbachev met on this day, in 1990, in Finland to discuss the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait. On the banquet table, there were Maine lobsters, corn sticks, fillets of beef and asparagus. The dessert was a lime turban with iced raspberries.


10th – Killer whale Keiko, who was featured in the film Free Willy, was set free on this day, in 1998, in Iceland where he was first captured in 1979. Keiko swam off and re-submerged in Norway. Killer whales can eat up to 500 pounds of food each day.


11th – The September 11 terror attacks happened on this day, in 2001. Local merchants in New York, near Ground Zero, generously donated food to the rescue teams


12th – British pop group, The Spice Girls, returned to England on this day, in 1998, after their three-month American tour.


13th - Spaniard Rafael Nadal won his first U.S. Open title, to complete his Career Grand Slam on this day, in 2010. Nadal favours eating Nutella and crisps during tournaments.


14thPrincess Grace of Monaco (formerly known as Grace Kelly) died on this day, in 1982, having suffered fatal injuries in a car crash. She married Prince Rainier, in 1945, and her wedding cake was made by pastry chefs at Hôtel de Paris. Two live turtle-doves were encased in the cake, and were freed when the cake was cut with the Prince’s sword.


15th – The 16th Annual Cape May Food and Wine celebration takes place today. At various locations in Cape May, New Jersey, foodies can enjoy winery tours and sample food at some of the city’s best restaurants.


16th - Today is National Guacamole Day in America. The classic dip is made from avocado, which contains more than 20 vitamins and good fats that can help fight cancer.


17th – Chinese premier Wen Jiabao publicly condemns responsible government authorities on this day, in 2008, for failing to act on the Sanlu milk scandal. The baby milk powder was adulterated with melamine, which can cause kidney failure in the human body. The incident affected 300,000 babies nationwide, which resulted in six deaths and 860 hospitalisations.


18th – The 3rd Annual Good Food Pie contest happened on this day in Los Angeles, in 2011. Home baked and professional pies were judged by some of the best chefs and food writers in LA, including the Pulitzer Prize winning food journalist, Jonathan Gold.


19th – Today European citizens will join Members of the European Parliament to debate the reform of Europe’s Common Agricultural Policy.


20th – The Regional Food Bank of North-eastern New York will host its 18th annual Chefs and Vintners Harvest Dinner today. Patrons can sample a six-course dinner prepared by six New York area chefs.


21st – The Hans Sloane Chocolate and Fine Food Festival takes place today at the Irish Killyleagh Castle. Festival goers can watch kitchen demonstrations and nibble on samples from Irish fine food producers and chocolatiers.


22nd – On the other side of the UK, it is York Food Festival today. This year, the festival aims to highlight the best Yorkshire food, and there will also be an intergenerational cookery competition.


23rd - The Miami International Wine Fair aims to tempt wine lovers to taste more than 1,500 different wines from 20 countries.


24th - The 423m tall Trump International Hotel and Tower in Chicago was topped off on this day, in 2008. Sixteen, a restaurant on the 16th floor of the residential tower, opened earlier in the year, in February, and received favourable reviews for its food, interiors and view.



25th – Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones was born on this day, in 1969. She once revealed to a reporter that her favourite meal is smoked salmon sandwiches on brown bread with potato chips in the middle, crushed down.


26th – Ivan Pavlov, Russian scientist and recipient of the Nobel Prize for physiology, was born on this day in 1849. Pavlov is renowned for the psychology concept called conditioned reflex. Pavlov was inspired when watching the salivation of a dog when a bell was rung as food was brought to it. The dog became habituated to the sound of the bell, and would salivate before the food was even presented.


27th – The ocean liner Queen Elizabeth was launched in Glasgow, Scotland, on this day, in 1938. The cruise ship’s dinner menu included some English classics as well as Paella, grilled veal kidneys and more.


28th – On this day, in 1975, nine people were taken hostage today by Franklin Davies and two other gunmen in an attempt to rob The Spaghetti House, an Italian restaurant located in Knightsbridge, London.


29th – On this day in 1997, scientists from Imperial College London identified the genes in humans that make them more susceptible to the mad-cow disease. A fatal form of brain damage can result from the disease, which is caused by eating contaminated beef.


30th – 600 miles south of Tokyo, a live giant squid was photographed for the first time in its natural habitat on this day, in 2004. This enormous animal, capable of growing to a maximum size of 13 meters, dwells deep in the ocean and is one of the world’s largest living organisms.



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