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Visit The Barge at Nora Buri Resort & Spa for a Fine Dining Festival.


24-25More and more people are coming to Samui to experience the fine culinary fare it has to offer. Gone are the days when there was a distinct lack of quality. Instead, today the island’s restaurants compete at international standards, with renowned chefs brought in from overseas, and using the best local and imported produce. But now, for a limited, two-month period, the culinary offerings are being taken up to yet another level.

     For the months of September and October, selected restaurants across Samui are participating in a Fine Dining Festival. And all of them have been working hard to find fantastic food and delicious drinks to serve for the duration.

     Nora Buri Resort & Spa, commonly known simply as Nora Buri, is one of the participating venues. Located between Chaweng and Choeng Mon, the hotel is situated in a peaceful spot, just a short drive from all the hustle and bustle. And the staff working at the resort aren’t taking their involvement in the Fine Dining Festival lightly. For months they’ve been seeking out the very best culinary goodies they can get their hands on in order to impress for the occasion.

      Executive Chef, Tonny Lawrence, and his expert team of chefs at Nora Buri’s beachside eatery, The Barge, have compiled a special five-course menu. Not only this, but a wine-pairing menu has been prepared to run alongside it. For the full two months of, diners will have access to this extra special food and wine. Both seafood and meat dishes feature, each dish having been carefully paired with a wine that brings out the best in its flavours.

       On any given night, The Barge is a wonderfully atmospheric venue. You’ll often find an acoustic duo band serenading the diners, who are scattered across the multi-tiered restaurant space. Some tables are nestled right into the beach, while others are at pool level, and even more are up in the building itself. Candles and low, romantic lighting give a delightful ambience and a sense of intimacy.

       The normal a la carte menu includes both Thai and International dishes, and they also host seasonal, themed buffet feasts throughout the year. A seafood and meat barbecue can also often be found located by the beachside bar. The venue is popular with hotel and outside guests alike.

       Monday night is the Hawaiian Seafood Barbecue Buffet, when for 1,400 baht you can get an all-you-can-eat buffet, and half a bottle of wine to go with it. There’s also a trio band and both Polynesian and fire shows to keep you entertained. On Wednesdays they hold a Barbecue Steak Night, when for 1,499 baht you can dine on some fine, meaty fare, as well as unlimited spirits, local beers, soft drinks and juices. The trio band features on this evening too. Then on Thursdays it’s Thai Night, which brings you a variety of Thai food and a barbecue, as well as a free cocktail party with snacks to start the evening off. The Thai night is 1,400 baht per person, which also includes half a bottle of wine. Entertainment is provided in the form of Thai dancing, as well as a duo band.

       There’s actually another restaurant situated just above The Barge, called Rice Barge and Terrace. This eatery is an air-conditioned Thai restaurant, which looks out over the sea from a higher vantage point. Every day this restaurant has an authentic Thai a la carte menu, as well as a Thai set dinner and happy hour from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, when selected drinks are 50% off. Fresh seafood and meats cooked on a charcoal grill feature heavily on the menu here..

      During the Fine Dining Festival, The Barge’s physical appearance and décor will essentially remain the same – it’s just the food that will be getting an overhaul. The five-course menu, running from the 1st September until the 31st October, features a mix of super-fresh seafood and juicy cuts of red meat, and of course delicious wines. It’s a creative menu that incorporates a mix of Asian ingredients and imported Western ones, in order to create a fantastic menu befitting of the stunning seaside eatery that is The Barge.


   Five-course Fine Dining Menu

   Wasabi king prawn
   Mock caviar
   (Chamdeville Rose)

   Creamy sweet corn soup
   Salted Pop Corn

   120 gram salmon steak
   Tea reduction soba noodles with dry seaweed
   (Anakena Sauvignon Blanc)

   Miso brushed tenderloin of Australian beef
   on puff pastry with mushroom ragout and beef jus
   (Goats do Roam Red)

   Inspired ‘Estee Lauder’ panna cotta
   (Torlay’s Port Tawny)

   Tea or Coffee

Baht 2,000 net/person
Baht 3,000 net/person including wine


Christina Wylie


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